Sunday 8 May 2011

Have you ever entertained the idea that the fools that love our slaughter are…..

We invented shell proofing.

Tomorrow soorooww? Sleepy head? Now? Our numbered is upped too.

Who invents now?

Have we ever been beaten to death by a poppy petalled song?

Stop it. Emerge and listen to the waters of our heart.

Time and learned acuity are a friend.

The hive is moving.

We are loosing to this infernal self agrandising looming.

An agent of what water?.

Look at all the redundant special days bringing us into synchronicity .

Sleep, sleep and dream of our child’s death.


We will take our smallest spekk of power and apply. For the most infinite support of evil’d nothing will be removed by our slightest application of our meagre power.

….after all that has been said and done?


Our choice.