Friday 4 June 2010

Bringing down the Temple

There is no further need to inquire.

All I ask is.

Why Do You Believe? (This shit)

There is absolutely nothing that we can take as being truthful and substantial in any of the RICO infested organisations that we depend on to go about our daily lives.

NHS? RICO infested lifestyle support system for brain washed professionals and PFI purveyor of free money to the Corpirates. A friend of mine, whose son is now my semi adopted, was taken into one of London’s finest, long time ago, he never came back. I knew I‘d never see him again as soon as I heard he had been appointed.

GGT? RICO infested lifestyle support system for brain washed professionals and squanderer of License payers money on troughing clowns with no talent that never want to do a days work in their lives. I cite HMS Camden Lock . Wankstain revisionists who couldn’t stop their Shatanic horns showing if they were subsumed in quicklime and The Rev Ban Ki-Moon’s undergarments. I cite Coast. Brain spinning Green fascists who let the slip show all those years ago when they used to thunder around in phekking great V8s. I cite anything touched by John Craven . Anything spilling over the bottoxed stiff upper lips of any of this Cotswoldian cradled crowd. I Cite GGT Arsebark

Law? Admiralty & RICO nuff said.

Councils? Tax farming RICO infested fronts for stealing our money. I cite Controlled Parking Zones.

MoD? RICO infested Colonel Blimp worlds designed to kill our best on pointless missions whilst draining the exchequer of our fiat funny money and delivering nothing through vastly pointless job creation schemes for CP graduates. I cite Type 45.

Transport? RICO infested drain of shekels from our pockets, human trafficking specialists, and murdering bastards. I cite Potters Bar.

The list can go on and on and on and on.

This is a liberating realisation. Just start to divest yourself of any contact or dealings with any of these crime gangs. Then you will be free.

Much though I do not agree with Charles Darwin’s foundation fronted musings, on this occasion Charlie Boy you got it spot on. These dinosaurs will die; they are too grotesque and destructive to ever be anything but parasitical life forms. Go small and independent, scurry under the fallen leaves and earth mounds. When the scorching flash takes out the strutting and preening meat sacks, like an NWO global barbeque, we’ll be safe.

The Meerkat shall inherit the earth. Simples.