Wednesday 9 June 2010

Of Raids and Open Cities

I’ve touched on this subject before and would like to expand on the detail a little further. The reason being that the omens are not looking good for the healthy return of any of our troops from SW Asia.

The nature of the wars of the 20th C. that were fought over the land mass of Europe had some strange curiosities. One I’ve already mentioned is the Vichy line which laid an invisible demarcation on what was allowed in the prosecution and what was deemed ceremonial ground. Above the Vichy line stretching way into Russia everything burned. Below the line very little got trashed.

How to explain this phenomenon and how far to go back for the answers? Well if you’ve paid attention to the wafflings over at the other shop you’ll know all about the origins of funny money and the ceremonial that is sacred trade voyages. From this vantage a certain ethnic dynamic is at work.

Firstly the original sacred trading composition of the Mediterranean basin is Semitic and with the intrusion of the Greeks later in what became a known world struggle for mastery of the Mediterranean, the final settlement is mirrored in the split between Eastern and Western Roman Empires. That process took 1000 years approx simply to settle the score between Tyrrian and Athenian. Of course a lot of bystanders bought it, like the Carthaginians and Etruscans, not to mention the Celts. As an interesting aside, during the great struggle for the Western Med between Hellenism and the Tyrrians (Carthage) the locals in the Iberian interior (Celts) were viewed as thick as shit and not fit for anything other than slavery and cannon fodder. So after all this gunfire and sniper some new actors hit the stage.


And the Byzantine Empire was left.

In the West there was nothing. Though a slow mingling of the Roman and Squarehead West of the Rhine, Cologne being the marker post, began which would transform into a Christianity deeply flawed in its spiritual outlook. Again I’ve wandered through that part with a good look at who was the god of Abraham. This is a temporal religiosity. Its two brothers would turn up sharpish enough and start the age old struggle against the Greeks again.

So the Byzantine Empire was assaulted on all sides and disappeared. That’s another 1000 years taken care of.

So how does that leave the Med looking? Well curiously Phoenician. Sea faring City States heavily into gold, white slaving and peddling spices.

“What the phekk has this got to do with Dieppe then?” I hear you gasp and roll your eyes. I’ll get there just hang on.

Now once the inconvenient Truth had been got rid of the sacred trade voyages could get rolling again. And off they went on that sacred mission to bring the secret map back to reality.

However the Squareheads east of the Rhine were out of the sacred loop and wanted in. Also the inconvenient Truth hadn’t disappeared for lo despite the Red Heads being put under the, hopefully, terminal jack boot of the Moosilmans they’d fought back, good lads, and started to kick butt. Paying ransom money over to the Affliction is standard practice for these slobs, though these days it is called aid.

Well the Affliction now had two problems on its hands, the New Greeks in Muscovy and the Squareheads.

This brings me to the strange manner in which we prosecuted the wars of the 20th Century, esp. WW2.

The following will make no sense unless you under stand what I consider to be the Affliction and even then you have to use afflicted eyes when studying events.

Though Tarpley is interesting in this respect.

Firstly I give you Gallipoli.

I see this as an operation in two parts with the primary objective of making such a huge mess in the exit from the Black Sea that the Affliction bottles up the, so far successful march over the previous two centuries of Russia in booting the Afflictions representatives in Byzantium into touch, thus bottling up the exit until the Afflictions fifth column AND/OR the Kaiser take down the Rus.

The Affliction intends to kill two birds with one stone here and to start taking down its dispersed offspring by culling them as rapidly as possible and so weakening their vigour with a view to replacing them now that the secret maps are about to be replaced over the Earth. Think I’m kidding? The puzzlement and anger felt by the Anzacs at what seemed betrayal by the mother country during WW2 combines with the acknowledged programme started in the 1960s to de-white Australia gives that game away. Oh yes the foundation Bitchboy Churchill was working to a different agenda when barking on about the soft underbelly of Europe.

Secondly we move to WW2 and the curious case of our friends the dictators.

Mussolini Franco Stalin Hitler

A curious collection of our friends all doing the bidding of the Affliction. Whether they realised it or not is another matter. Let’s look at the two biggies then.

Hitler. This chump was dragged out of a beer keller and handed the keys of a tottering estate because of his common rhetorical skills. His skill in guiding his country through what were opportunistic moves that “alarmed” his neighbours was nothing short of miraculous apparently. Has anyone checked the telephone lines in and out of Fuhrerland to see who had access to the real maps? Just asking that’s all. You see some people’s telephone lines know no political boundaries especially in a time of war.

Talking of which Herr Karismatic couldn’t go to war, not really, because his political hold on power was to say the least tenuous. One wrong move domestically, he was told, and it was kaput. So his chosen method of war, the Blitzkrieg, was a political expedient. It was cheap. He needed to keep the consumer goods flowing to the population so couldn’t afford a “real” army. Not until 1942 did the Squareheads get into a war economy!!! Think on that. UKplc went on to rationing in 1939. Why?

Stalin. Good lad, he just kept on killing and killing and killing. That was his job and he did it sooo well. Took the available tools handed to him by the Affliction and set about doing a Byzantium on the Rus. Job not finished though. He did however get round to completing his second task which was taking the Squareheads out of the loose cannon game. Looked like they were nicely integrated into the Affliction after the gunfire and sniper had stopped.

Mussolini. What can you say?

Now the most interesting of the lot. Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teódulo Franco y Bahamonde Salgado Pardo de Andrade. Did you get all that? These hombres like the big nombres. Kind of like this guy, Francisco Javier Solana de Madariaga, and his sires that my chum Constance Cumbey keeps an eye on. El Grande Nombre here is nominally a fascist but you notice that he keeps out of the big one. He also keeps his part of the Affliction out of the hands of the Squareheads and Rus. Easier to do if you get the fascists to win the civil war. Guides Spain through the whole nasty business as a neutral (!?!?) and then is left to get on with it and restore the monarchy. What for? His most useful contribution is keeping the Nazi Rat Lines supplied with a stable base where business could be conducted free from gunfire and sniper. Then when the time is right the EU gets itself a nice big well connected pipeline into South America.

South of the Vichy line/ west of the Rhine. Where were the open cities? Again there is that whiff of Phoenicia here. Safe, unlike the Amber room in St Petersburg or Kiev or Kharkov or Breslau or Konigsberg or Chemnitz.

As an aside here I’m willing to bet that Monte Cassino got it because the hermetic ascetic is not Afflicted.

How about us then? What were we up to?

Well you know my view about us fuckwitting around trying to deliver an object weighing in the order of 5 tons to the Squareheads subject. Well I have to add Dieppe to the list. Seizing a port as a means of landing an invasion force into the Continent may seem a bona fide reason to attempt the raid but that legend is total bollox. If anyone could turn any conurbation into a killing zone by 1942 then the Squareheads were the lads to do it. So this is just another cover story. I reckon that the real idea was to seize a port (Hamburg?, Keil?), guide the 5 ton object into the port, evacuate and KABOOOM.

In addition in 1942 and even 1943 there was no way we could secure the required air superiority over the battle zone, that would require the efforts of the Royal Confederate Air Force's P51s and P47s to sweep the Fw190s from the sky in daylight over Squareheadland. Firstly.

(We were dreadfully unprepared for urban combat and would remain so for the rest of the war, for the legend to make any sense. Even today with news that the Marines are deploying the L129A1 rifle we get echoes of the ill-equipped British Tommy kicking in doors wielding a Lee Enfield rifle. We always have the wrong gun at the wrong time in the wrong place in the wrong war.)

Meanwhile our masters safe pleasuring in the New York Schräge Musik clubs after printing all the funny money needed to supply Joe Stalin with kit, knew that the Squareheads had the capability and smarts to actually win the high technology race. So a careful ballet of bluff was performed by both sides. Each move, one great big message saying to the other side “We know what you are up to. Look so are we and we are working out how to deliver it. So watch it” And all the dead guys lying on the waters edge or sunk in the briny or shot down in flames didn’t matter just so long as the Affliction got the result.

All the Non-Afflicted must die.

That brings me to this from The Sisterhood which I have seen reported twice now without comment or irony in solid opinionated blogs. If you know what’s what, this is COINTELPRO. So to unleash it raw is for me an eyebrow raiser. Now I won’t go into what that tells me about the reportage but it does tell me that someone somewhere wants to get us thinking appropriately. If you’ve followed this line of cocaine so far that means the Affliction is getting ready to rub out some more unbelievers and raise the kill rate.

Which unbelievers would that be?

Well the Red Heads are still loose cannons despite 100 years of genocide and 100s of millions dead there. Could be? But they’re more likely to die off soon anyway.

The AryanTehran are constantly getting into the crosshairs, but are they unAfflicted?

What about the ChiComms then? Well they’ve got a bad case of non-orthodox atheist Affliction. So I’m afraid no.

Squareheads? Gone.

So who?

Well any of the above could form part of the battle space but the main target has to be somewhere full of unAfflicted.

Candidates are?

India or anyone waking up to the Affliction and no longer useful, like USofA corp. or UK plc?

So why are the Rus being touted as getting ready for war now that “suddenly” heroin is flooding into their country from Rock/Roth's organic vegetable patch in AfPak? Why not after Kursk? Why not after Beslan? Why not after Litvinyenko? Why not after Georgia 08/08/08? What is the agenda?

Is there a Ðiên Biên Phú moment coming for us?

The omens are not good. We cannot afford to pay our way and even when tax receipts were flooding out of Gordon Brown’s ears we dicked the Armed forces around and sent them into the field with shit equipment. What are we going to do now? The logistics are a nightmare, the supply lines are all vulnerable and we’ve got shit stirrers jeopardizing the Turkish route and the Russian routes, as well as training the Fifth columns in the Pak supply lines.

Someone is getting us ready for a tragedy and it will be pinned on the bad guys that are getting the early publicity shots. Remember TPTB don’t care about the body count just the end result. Our great leaders have taken us through disaster after disaster and when it suits them they’ll just leave us out to hang. Once we are satraps we are expendable. They’ve done it many times before, they have form.

They are the Perps of the Affliction.