Tuesday 1 June 2010

In the shit.

Those of you who have stayed the course will know that both here and at PHEKKWITZ AHOY!!!!!!!!! I have a fondness for name dropping. Some of those named I know personally, Tim the tube driver, Ram the putative porn star etc. others are known from history and require close attention.

Two of my favourites are Xenophon, who’s Anabasis should be required reading for any member of the West’s armed forces, and Vortigern.

Both of these cases reveal a constant in Western leadership.

That is the leading of their people into complete disaster. Indeed all the bad guys need to do, seemingly, when Western leadership tools up is to invite them for a slap up feast and then slit their throats.

Leaving the ordinary Joes, you and me, up shit creek without a paddle. This funnily enough is when we are at our finest. We don’t need their kind of bought and paid for “Leadership”. Hint, that’s the kind that CP train. Got that? ;-)

So I’ve had this feeling for quite some time now.

German President packs it in.

What’s wrong Squarehead? Don’t you like the corn bread?