Tuesday 29 June 2010

To see you must stop. To stop you must be blinded.

I’ve been struggling for some time now to keep the simmer from blowing into a fully fledged caldera.

That is hard for me since the words, so long suppressed, just keep emerging from the pitch black.

Trying to remain as objective as possible whilst ignoring the output of the weaponised-media complex. An output which is 24/7 and doesn’t stop conflating and confusing the issues that we really ought to address in the clear light of day.

What we have here is the theatrical finally overtaking reality. The stage is now the world. Oratory has defeated logic. Fiat is made flesh.

For example Spidey et al have been battling this little item who is one of these. There are many of these little info weapons seeded throughout every thread and discussion just waiting for the command to muddy the waters.

Just think of that.

There are thousands and thousands of wage age people with nothing to do all day but fart around their keyboards tapping rubbish. They have as much influence on the flatulence as any group of the digestively ruminant.

Only intergenerational protected foundation money hidden in charities could keep that wind farm going.

Today this heaved into view on one of my fav sites. China Closer To First World Standards In Defense Electronics -- Washington Times swiftly preceded by Panetta Says Afghan Progress Slower Than Expected -- L.A. Times .

That took me back to a sunny summer afternoon, 21 years ago now, in a lovely pub in a little village on the other side of the M1 to Big MK. I was enjoying a meal with an ex RAF fast jet pilot who was regaling me with tales of mixing it over Arabia and of conducting long distance covert drops from large transports. Tiananmen Square was very fresh in the memory then. As we ate our meal and drank the fine wine I remembered a quote which I believed attributable to General Sir Hope Grant at the time of the Second Opium War, that his idea of Armageddon was the United States and China at war. I remarked during our trenching that it would seem inevitable. That there was simply no other way to read the Runes if one stepped back far enough from the day to day and stared hard at the map.

However I didn’t appreciate at the time just how much help would by required getting the Chinese State up to speed so that a good long fight could be engineered at everyone’s expense and I didn’t realize then that the map would be TPTB’s secret map.

What we’ve just experienced, since the panda fuckers turned up, is 40 long years of slowly leeching everything from the West, esp. USofA corp. technology, and handing it over to the slavegansters to get their State into a proper state for Armageddon. With each passing year the number of traitors working in the USofA corp. administration increasing, each year more and more enemies of the USofA corp. population being trafficked in vast numbers in to the country, generation after generation of Quislings and Fifth columnists stealing everything that used to be the citizenries birth right and trashing all and every institution that used to hold the great country together.

(Bwahahahahahaaaa hahahahaaaaahahaaaaaaa. Fuck me I nearly pished myself there. The dump is knee deep in Israeli and ChiComm, same mould, spies and this turns up. Oh you lot must think we are fucking thick, just like you, fucked witz.)

Both states are Thievery States. One steals its population’s money; the other steals its population’s lives. One a servant economy, the other a slave economy. And of course sitting up above the whole shebang is our funny money fools hiding in Switzerland. The Swiss Barmy Knife Ponzi Scheme fully staffed by the dregs of the 4% of human beings that are psychopaths and love shanking people year in and year out.

This is not a new state of affairs since the great crimes inflicted upon humanity during the Big One were the by-product of slave states at work, the seed bed of the EUSSR. Remember the crime is itself a front for a deeper hatred at work. Always look beyond the crime proferred to you in order to see the fatal slash.

I sank a couple of BOWS with my Bulgarian chum at the weekend and he explained to me a little insight that he had gleaned from the current fiasco. He explained that the single driver of economic activity in UKplc is the refurb of public housing stock. We’ve taken Changing Rooms and turned it into our main economic raison d’être. Fuck me. I knew we had nothing to trade in international markets apart from exotic financial products, i.e. sleight of hand, but that put it all into clear perspective.

UKplc. used to be a nation of doers, a technological tour de force and equal of any, any time and anywhere. Now it is swapping out bogs and bidets!!!

“Wait up INCOMING!!!!!!!” I hear you cry “You have missed the new series on the ToffeeBox that showed us our new sub last night. That’s top notch stuff; we’re not reduced to whittling sticks, dabbing woad and slapping wattle on the hovel just yet!”

Well at a billion smooth and 14 years I don’t see anything other than a tax payer funded, black project covered and deliberate attempt to steal more money from us. I also fail to see the tradability of such malarkey. Don’t give me the IP stuff either because we all know that trade secrets are what keep you employed and the West has had all its IP nicked under the guise of globalization, freedom of information and accountancy standards. If you build katana then you’d better find yourself surrounded by thousands of other artisans and manufacturies turning out knives and forks. So the big U-boat may be a beautiful katana but no one is churning out metal workings round here; they are all down the Commie, centralized and command economy food distribution and rationing outlets like Teccies and Sainsbugs chasing shopping trolleys around the car park. That chums is not metalworking.

Another final fantasy is that the town where the razor sharp folded steel is being put together seems to have got itself stuck in the lack of social mobility grinder. If we take the scene before us, to its logical conclusion, after ten more generations these highly skilled artisans will have formed a worship based belief system focused solely on the undersea and their Morlock like neighbours will have decoupled themselves from the hi-tech priesthood and be gamettically non viable.

Is this the plan for the West writ small? A high priesthood worshipping in secure facilities, gated communities constructing wunderwaffen for the elite whilst the bulk of humanity is decoupled from the knowledge their forefathers used to wield and weld?

This is where the caldera comes in. This is where you ask that final question. The question is “Has someone taken the piss out of us?” and is the “us” about to become the minority, indeed the endangered, in a spook infested dream world where the players, actors and puppet masters are dreaming an evil willful vesper of delusion?

Could it be that rational man is being removed from reality by the Darwinian logic of supplied intelligence?

Just chew on that thought.

Is the universe causing our mental processes to go mental?

On that I’ll call a halt here because I can see from the remaining mind burp on the pages below that this is going deep Lalaland.

If this thread continues it will be over at the other shop.