Friday 25 June 2010

In a gunpowder room…

…what do you not do?

Do you walk away?

Do you run away?

Do you stay and watch?

Do you all rush into the room?

Do you strike a match to better illuminate the ruminates and room mates?

Well you certainly do not pack the room with firestarters do you?

“If our forces get consumed on the pyre it will not matter to TPTB. Our troops will be fed in until a critical point is reached that the funeral pyre for the region reaches self sustainability and then we’ll be out.”

As I said a while back the more troopers in the country the more dead bodies to fly back, their cadavers packed full of drugs.

This is not a war it is a business plan.

Anybody know where the jets stop off?

I know you do, just czeching.

Heads up.