Monday 7 June 2010

Bug Hunt

MT has some beautiful nature studies from Formosa amongst other things at his shop. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

As we study the fauna closer to home there is a straw in the wind that says TPTB are schmoozing us. Someone was told to stop taking the piss out of the aboriginals and get the global, diversity, equality, quota'd, miscegenist crap to fuck.


Well with the theft of everything our parents and grand parents paid for almost complete and the removal of real work from the economy. They know that the slightest spark could send the country ablaze from one end to the other, we'll go Tonto!!!!

In case you didn’t notice, I didn’t see it, BGT were told to get an all white finalist show rattled together pronto because when the artificial life form masquerading as CamCleggOsb stands up to tell us we are fucked and that our government is now our enemy well….


Might just about cover it.

How else do you think they got so wealthy? They are not business persons; they are part of the priesthood and right now the priesthood has been told to make the aboriginals happy. Fuckedwitz.