Sunday 6 June 2010

The Higher

All ships chronometers are reset.

I would like you to consider something that I’ve been cogitating for a little while. It is a pattern of events and the question I’ll ask in its turn asks a question of the inhabitants of these Isles.

The question is who? was the NHS and expanded higher education, for?

In fact lets expand that a little further, if national insurance was indeed so, why the provision of credits. What about real money instead?

Let’s have a wander back to the 1930s.

From the legends passed down to me, long before they all died, from my racist, non inclusive, slave owning, rabid misogynist, warmongering, total fucking bastard, supremacist, undiversified and total wasting drug sozzled, layabout, workshy, feckless phekking retarded, unconditioned, grandparents, all they ever wanted was medical assistance at child birth and pain relief when it came to the end. And a fair break for their children, usually to be realised through education.

There then, that was a long sentence.

Here is another one.

A bunch of commie, workshy, jumped up, fucktard, full of their own importance, stuffed of shit, bereft of humanity, thieving, skulking, day dream believing, Lalaland rhetoreticians, word smoke and muse punned turncoat bastard, shape shifting, unrealdeal, phantom promised, homicidal, maniacal, psychopathic, schizoid, shit stirring, windbags noticed that UKplc and USofA corp. were nice places to steal.

That’s correct; the whole process that we have experienced in UK plc has been a slow cuckooing of our lands. USofA corp you are now.

My ancestors were really nice people. They never existed as far as the State was concerned. The killed no one. Starved no one. Sterilised No one. Waged offensive tyranny on no one. They owned no slaves. Oppressed no one. They were enslaved but free. Yet they built a wonderfully free society. They did all this because they had nothing but themselves and the love of their family. Wakes and punch-ups excluded.

However there seems to be a stench of death with the new guys. Burnt offerings or not. Crows entrails and tell tales. They love the state. It offers left/centre/right cover for their theft, murder and inhumanity.

The NHS and expanded education has only lasted long enough to get them feather bedded in to non jobs for life.

This is how you can put this kind of discourse into a clear perspective. Are you real or not?

Look long and look hard. After 100 years of killing and plasticpolitque the aboriginals here are exactly as they were.

Quietly fooled.

Are you up for it?