Monday 25 March 2013

On morals and business ethics.

“The new deal is worth as much as 780 million US dollars (£512 million) over the next five years and includes a further order for IMX-101 munition that is seen as a safe and effective replacement for TNT in artillery rounds.”

“Last year the company became the operating contractor of the Radford Army Ammunition Plant in Virginia, where BAE manufactures a range of propellants for military munitions.”

“to produce environmentally friendly propellant for the Army’s Modular Artillery Charge System (MACS). “

““Our partnership with the Army on the development of this state-of-the-art artillery propellant reflects a mutual commitment to environmental stewardship,” said Nolan. “We are pleased to be a member of the MACS team, which is working to improve both our nation’s defense preparedness and our environment.””

“Under NHS guidance introduced across England to help doctors and medical staff deal with dying patients, they can then have fluid and drugs withdrawn and many are put on continuous sedation until they pass away.
But this approach can also mask the signs that their condition is improving, the experts warn.”

“Almost two thirds of NHS trusts using the Liverpool Care Pathway have received payouts totalling millions of pounds for hitting targets related to its use, research for The Daily Telegraph shows.”

LIBOR, horsemeat, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afnamistan, etc

As I have remarked on several occasions here, I once sat through a series of lectures on « Business Ethics », and could not believe the utter mind bending nonsense that the clown was spouting. Having been lectured on the responsibilities of the corporate officer and wandered through several accounting courses I knew this was bollox.

Any sentient being watching the shit, service economy ( for that read servile and tenured in slavery), all you will see is an iGREEN bombardment of adverts telling you how much one can save if one takes up their, T&C’d, services. All the while the border floodgates are open in a country that cannot heat itself when a storm hits.

There is a fat git that will save you tonnes of lucre on your insurance. There are service providers who save you tonnes of iGREEN fiat sponds on your energy bills, there are supermarket chains printing their own drinking vouchers promising to save you 5p on your mega taxed petroleum based volatiles.

Any one will know that the corporate officers in these outfits cannot damage the profits their organizations deliver. It is illegal to do so.

Ergo these markets are all rigged, their profits are not affected but we get poorer. Logic compels us to this conclusion. It is the purpose of so called business to do this to each society it infests.

Why? Well just run it through the grinder. We the consumer will SAVE X amount for whatever product or service we accept. If there is a low inflation economy, really, if there is a LOW inflation economy, which I have never witnessed, in this shit house then there will be two solutions.

These Investors in People, ISO compliant, 5/6 Sigma, Total Quality, just insert any buzzword a business graduate or person would spout out it’s arsehole, will drive down costs or generate a disguised general inflation. By disguised inflation I mean devalue the currency.

So cost cutting. Horsemeat burgers which were labelled as total fucking magic, top quality bollox. I didn’t care, just before the storm broke I fired up a winter Q and noticed that me burgers were a little drier than the other brand, if they had labelled it part nagmeat I’d still have wolfed them down. But it is the Alan Greenspan/Clinton taking the piss out of the people attempt to massage the inflation figures. If one was used to eating ribeye steak and the costcutting of your employer meant you got less and less each year in your paypacket as the price of meat increased exponentially, the supermarkets can substitute lesser grades of meat as the process continues. Rump, shoulder, chuck, beefburger, beef/horseburber, horseburger, shitburger, bread, sawdust, shit. That is the progression in every activity in this satanic economy.

Everything in this so called free market is rigged and everything we see on labelling is lies.

Do you now trust the iGREEN labelling that the carbon tax imposes on us? DO YOU?

All to make sure they can state our toxic government’s official figures in the arsewipeMSM that we live in a low inflation economy!

At the other end of the spectrum our buddies in the faux central banking scam, like Mervyn King, can evacuate their bowels through quantitative easing and flood the place with money, devaluing the currency, and increasing the costs of material imports.

I think this was called money printing and it was what got Maggie elected in 1979.

Ahh full circle we come. Tories hating money printing in 1979, Tories loving money printing in 2010.

So that is how every business can claim they are SAVING us our devaluing money and the corporate officers do not get arraigned for breach of their duties to the company.

Mind you they will still find that inflation hits them, it is just that they will have twice as much lucre in their pockets to recompense them when finding everything outside the country, like Palam Bang ladyboys, now cost twice as much, in sterling terms, than they did 10 years ago.

We however will be stuck in this dump, unable to leave because of massive travel tax, eating dirt and dying in harness.

Everything about business and its ethics in this country, and the wider west, is toxic to mankind.

Let me make it quite clear, you business muppets. You will not get your mind round the following statement because the reptilian part of your brain has been enhanced by your so called business training.

Ethics is what allows you to kill humans with no conscience.

Morals are in the exclusive possession of HUMANITY.

U Phukk D’Witz!!!!