Friday 15 March 2013

Another fine day in the Smoke.

Mes Braves  returnee, excuse the launguee.

SQ and your correspondent were out and about with the train and a good evening was had by all.

I really phukked off the brain dead when I got my chop sticks out on the Northtern Line.


The SQ did , I got a Kernoe, which I purchased with the clipped coin of the realm, WTF do these phkunts think they do all day?

Promote Horseshit burgers from, total quality, 6 Sigma, ISO, BS, investors in people, Queen’s award, and whatever Phukkwittery you toil at,


Frankfurt/Vienna/Chicago/Shanghai schooled poverty reciplie.

TOTAL Quality, BUSYness Ethics. Fuck you diverstied clowns of rent seeking kunts.

I remember the class of 1988 pissing around with the MBA scaffolding. Me, scoffing through the library window at them. I have listened to enough crap about business ethics and acuntancy to know that the little Marxist red book Talmudic scribblers infesting our so called mob space are arseholes. No wonder there is shit in our food. What about the labelling then? Am I supposed to believe ant shit about white good efficiency? Am I supposed to believe the iGreen figues on dead whales, of course not. The attentive out her on the ausphart will have noticed the obvious about the clown who made my friend shiver.

I do not belive a thing from whaever opens its yapp.

I kill all adverts, wank all over any spcpeiling mistokks and lie.

Enjoy the wordings, the wordlings are arzpproved.