Friday 1 July 2016

HWW:File under Fukkwittery/General/TASS-PRAVDA

How much do these slot gobbed mongmuppets get handed? Do you just place 10,000 US in the slot and feed them prepared scripts? They cannot really be "paid" or "salaried". Real free markets would insist on the "no free lunch" imperative. So how do these guys get to swan around talking bollox and swilling the best champers?

Air Force Officers Give New Details for F-35 in War With China

MAN! If I want reality here in the Prison MAX complex I do not watch the morning News on either BBC/ITN/RT/C4 or Al Spaghetti. I watch Channel 5 where Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine and Little Princess give a better angle on the world than the Tavistockbitchbitches and botboys. LP has  an imaginary real life hobbyhorsey General who could have managed the F35 program well even though he spends all his time playing with little girls surrounded by adverts peddling children with clean sphincters. The cGGEEES stinks of the usual subliminal pedoangle inherent in UK Cheeldreens TV.