Tuesday 27 September 2011

Reduced Instruction Set Constitution

I may be slow and stupid however I’m not thick. Even I get it after enough time.


Who would want to be a leader of anything approved by the Roth/Rock hirelings and the menagerie of diseased boyboys and bitchbitches? Who would want to be part of any of their leadership programmes? Whether it is ComIntern, Tories or LibDem? I mean could you keep your meal down whilst listening to all these so called proto leaders toadying and brown nosing? Barph zentral!!!!!

The Tories are determined to have a minority candidate leading us into the third decade of the slave millennium. Cleggeron, the foundation bitchboy, wants to nurture a shed load of inhabited carbon based life forms that can get his diversity quota signed off by the EUSSR degenerates & communists who are looting Europe from Brussels. You know the clowns that never want to work a day in their lives. They rather you fed and pandered to them. I could work 24/7 shagging satraps on a casting couch, would that be hard labour? No; that would be Babylon California.

Look at this.

By 1913, America's economic growth both at home and abroad required a more flexible, yet better controlled and safer banking system. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 established the Federal Reserve System as the central banking authority of the United States.

Under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and amendments over the years, the Federal Reserve System:

• Conducts America's monetary policy
• Supervises and regulates banks and protects consumers' credit rights
• Maintains the stability of America's financial system
• Provides financial services to the U.S. Government, the public, financial institutions, and foreign financial institutions

The Federal Reserve makes loans to commercial banks and is authorized to issue the Federal Reserve notes that make up America's entire supply of paper money.

As I said at the other shop. Why is it always Canadians? What is special about that place? Canada almost seems like the brains of North America. Always messing with brains literally and figuratively, like the skull cracking Nazis. Member of two commonwealths. Maurice Strong’s stomping ground. Full of empty spaces and the pig farm.

I always wondered why Chicago cops had the chequered bands on their uniform caps. Then I read about the Bronfman/Capone angle. Then the penny dropped when I heard that the Chicago broadsheet is Royalist. So why should we scratch our heads when one of her Majesty’s Kenyan subjects ends up as POTUS?

Anyway back to Europe and its constitution.

How’s about this?

On 25th March 1957, two treaties were signed in Rome that gave birth to the European Economic Community (EEC) and to European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom): the Treaties of Rome. The signatories of the historic agreement were Christian Pineau on behalf of France, Joseph Luns from the Netherlands, Paul Henri Spaak from Belgium,Joseph Bech from Luxemburg, Antonio Segni from Italy and Konrad Adenauer from the Federal Republic of Germany. The Treaties were ratified by National Parliaments over the following months and came into force on 1st January 1958.

The integrated weapon system that lies behind all the MSM bollox about the shadow banking system views the Fed and the EU as mere transient blips in its fantastic history.

And so we come to what I was driving at about the Bomb Line a little while back. Notice that treaty signed in Rome, open city, home to the Phoenician Bishop of Ba’al Hammon. EURATOM. EUWHAT!!??? Did they think we wouldn’t notice after all these years? That’s been a roaring success then!!

From Waihaus to Panmunjom, all was captured by the good guys. All the secrets blasted by SS evacuation teams, captured or handed over to the Roth and their agents. The whole crime scene taped off and made secure. Hiding atrocities of the past, unless officially confected and sanctioned for MSM use in the captive west, and atrocities to come. Just as the psychopath of steel made sure all and every captured or freed ex-Soviet was executed by the advancing Reds, so that no counter narrative could be heard within the Red herd, we substituted transportation to cure our official narrative problem by making sure all those who fought the Killer Marx Brotherhood were handed over, all of them no exceptions, except the chosen few, for liquidation by the Roth stooge’s Red Inquisition in the concentration camps and gulags.

“So what?” you may ask”We were free.” Well you reduced factoid muppet, from the bankster perspective we were corralled and ignorant, just the way they like it. Look at what you believe about who the good guys are in Libya! Look at what you do not believe happened during the so called liberation of the slave state in Kuwait! Open you eyes.

Let’s try and bring you up to speed, though I do have to say I am being unjust. I know that by 1945 you were well and truly tired of it all and simply wanted the shooting to stop. However our enemy never gets tired and is always well rested to consider another fine day’s psychopathic. Why do you think that nothing that prepares the progeny of the world rulers ever changes? Change is a sign of looming impoverishment when these clowns speak. Impoverishment in mind, material and spirit. Go on then. Rugby, how much change? Ravenscroft Secondary, Barnet. How much change? Now here I will not be at all unjust if I make a comparison. The scion of those British lads who came home to rest after being dragooned on Empire missions around the globe for 50 years would have done better this past 20 years concentrating on fact and not on cheap consumer baubles from the east. No plasma screens, no DVDs, no SKY, more freedom and wealth of all sorts. The scion of the guys who decided to bomb Imperial China into serfdom, through careful preparation and anticipation of future conflict they’d finance, is sitting in No10 doing to Libya what his family helped do to China a century ago.

Change anyone?

Behind the Bomb Line all the really tasty research that lead to successful lighting off of critical masses had been handed over to the reliable emissaries of the guys who paid for each and every fizz of the work to be carried out in the first place. That was one of the aims of the Bomber Command campaign. To shepherd the research and facilities out of bomber range and into the hands of the advancing Soviets when the shooting match inevitably came to a halt. So no B29s.

To get back to ignorance again, I’ll wager that all the German work was well known by Allied Intel. Allied Intel= Banksters. Remember Herr Abs mentioned previously. Everything that was going on was in a ledger of accounts somewhere, especially the “black” accounts. All these ledgers are transparent to those wearing bankster goggles. Non linears. The one place where I do wonder if the Rock banksters were in the dark though was behind the Bomb Line out east. Now that you know that the Bomb Line has nothing to do with bombing, per se, and more to do with making sure that the tasty, accounted for research, was handed over to the correct Red bailiffs should become clear by now. So you are no doubt thinking “Bollox”. Well it may help to illustrated that all was not so well known by the Rock to consider two items. One, the Roth intelligence station and two the MacArthur dash up to the old Imperial Japanese atomic research sites in 1950. I see that as someone waking up. Kind of like Joe, Man of Steel, had woken up a decade before.

Now you know why I would scoff at EURATOM. A reduced instruction set community of scientists, bureaucrats and engineers all merrily spinning in the hamster cagewheel whilst the guys who were on the free side of the Iron Curtain were plotting our liberation in the 15 years or so after the shooting match stopped.

The EU of course would swing directly into action once the Red Army Operational Maneuver Groups had got to Porto Fino and Oporto. EUSSR. That was the bankster’s admin system all set up in preparation for the glorious day of liberation.

“You are havering again INCOMING!!!!!!!” I hear you groan.

Maybe, but let us consider a couple of little items that involves Patton’s old army beat down near the Sudetenland. Remember Patton, who wanted to roll eastwards and remove the Red scum from the earth? Good lad. Well of course we could and would have if the banksters wanted it; we made the Red war machine move after all. However Patton didn’t get the simple fact that he was on the unleveraged side and the Reds were on the liberated turf. He was got rid off in an accident because he wouldn’t have stomached the special ops to be carried out in the ReichsProtectorate immediately after the allied armies retreated back to the agreed finishing lines, leaving huge numbers of Europeans to die.

Let us change tack and then join some dots.

A long while ago at the other shop I noted that I had read the interesting fact that there had been a clear drop in political assassinations in the European body politic during the 18th century. I couldn’t lay my hands on the book and finally found the ref recently whilst rearranging the pile of printed dead trees around the hovel. P259, Europe 1780-1830, Franklin L. Ford, 2nd edn, Longman UK 1989. For the 150 years from the end of the religious wars to the start of the revolutionary wars all was relatively quiet. The author remarks but delves no further. Well yours truly always delves and wonders. Could the relative quiet be because someone was happy with what they’d got? Or too tired to pull another caper for a long while?

Well it was during this period that the geezers secreted in the bowels of the palace of Ba’al Hammon, on the seven hills, kicked off the Roth threat and prepared for Marx to write his crap about historical inevitability. Just to make sure you get what I’m driving at here, Calvinism and its crap is synonymous with Marx and his crap. Godless humanist shit for worshippers of Ba’al Hammon. Do as you like; the same crap is turning up again in the iGREEN creed. Dead people everywhere.

Once the ball was rolling the Assassinations started again.

This time however in order to get the desired effect these had to take the form of massive killings of people, whole nations and states sacrificed on the altar.

So dear readers have you witnessed any assassination attempts recently? Assassinations that are designed to traumatize the body politic and lead to the slaughter of even more people than could be imagined.

I’ll give you a clue.

Russia 1999, Russia 2000, Russia 2001 etc, etc, etc..

Why Russia?

Well they’ve rebuilt their churches and neither the Bishop of Rome, The Grand Muphty of Humpty nor the Rabid Cannibal Rabbis can stand that. They all worship Ba’al Hammon and Ba’al Hammon is a stranger to the Rus.

That crap we got this week showing Pharaoh’s Turnip faced moron and turncoat Medvedev meeting was all a load of arsebarph. When the GGT tell you it was all hostility and icyfrozennesss because the Ba’al Hammon mafia that own Chelsea et al, got all upset when one of their operatives got all intoxified at Putin’s assassin’s radio active hand in RCE/LC a little while back. Then you can be sure we are getting right royally golden showered from on high. You can be sure that all was sweetness and light as they got down to decoding messages from the boss. Whatever is going down the end result is to turn humanity into a bunch of stone hugging heathen.

Just to retack slightly. If, and I mean this most sincerely folks, if you were the leader of either Germania or Russia then would certain thought enter you noggin, certain naughty thoughts. I mean if the numpty that is typing this rot is able to put some things together imagine what the two biggest political brains this side of the Urals can do? One is a STASI quantum chemist, the other an NKVD colonel. Both will have been introduced to some very esoteric philosophies and beliefs. Both will know that what you see is not what you get. Both have thrived in the hive.

If you knew who and what had sent your peoples onto Ba’al Hammon’s fires these past hundred years, might you not think about revenge?

If my supposition is correct that the heathen have left UKplc for a comfier billet in South America and Shanghai then UKplc better beware. The way I read that little meeting in Moscow is orders being passed from Roth’s bitchboy to his Rusboy to misdirect any Russian attention away from an open goal mouth.

Roth doesn’t want his hunting grounds and pleasure palaces vaped.

If you think that a little far fetched then consider who Roth worships. Consider who was giving a good booting to Ba’al Hammon’s representatives in Byzantium. Who got called in to stop the route? Who then financed the Ba’al Hammon worshipping clowns to destroy any and all non Ba’al believers in Europe?

To decode for you.

Ba’al Hammon is the Reduced Instruction Set Constitution giver of the money worshippers. Russia, non Ba’al Hammon, set about giving the heathen, Ba’al Hammon reps, in the Ottoman Empire a good doing, good girl Katharine. The Turk then got their Ba’al Hammon worshipping brethren in UKplc and France to tool up and start rolling back the Rus in Crimea. This was especially crucial since the Rus had helped out the Yankees by sailing their fleets into New York and San Francisco when RCE/LC decided it was time to give the colonies a sound thrashing and get them back under Crown control. RCE/LC and RCE/NY then set about pouring as much money as was needed to rent a mob to destroy all of Europe behind the bomb line. And in case you don’t get the fiction yet the Mediterranean remains to this day a Phoenician lake dedicated to Ba’al Hammon..

When USSR was on its knees, supposedly, who got to send Soviet troops into the Persian oil fields because they were, then, fully Ba’al compliant? Why do you think that the only time the Russians got into the Persian oil fields was when their Ba’al Hammon operatives were in charge in USSR? Who was with them hand in hand?

Remember this is when we were backs to the wall and alone.

History? Absolute fiction.