Tuesday 20 September 2011

The Stranglers

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The integrated weapon system that lies behind all the MSM bollox about the shadow banking system views the Fed and the EU as mere transient blips in its fantastic history.” source Reduced Instruction Set Constitution.

I couldn’t resist having a little more play with the deliciousness that is the Caledonian Athenian tragedy that was the life of the party.


Gordon, the Golden, Brown.

My mate and I could never understand why there was so much palaver over the, so called, succession of the party boy to become UKplc prime minister. Even way back in the late nineties we just could not see the MSM required grooming of the masses that would have prefigured the rise of goldfinger. It was we felt, more than likely an establishment default position he’d be handed, once the war criminal was told to bang out just before the crate of state hit the ground in a fire ball.

So it proved. Kamikhazi brown trousers was left, alone, screaming at the, 100 octane soaked, controls as the fatigued old kite that was UKplc hit the ash midden in a fire ball of broken treasury, broken promises and contused passengers. Goldfinger Brown; the 20th hijacker.

What we really couldn’t get our heads round was the maniac hubristic ADHD Nokia chucking pill popping moron’s inability to see the setup. We could fucking see it coming from Trent Park. How come he just couldn’t see the leadership programme hard at work protecting their asset? What was wrong with the clown? Couldn’t he smell a vitamin K packing rat when John Smith popped his clogs? Couldn’t the monkey jiving SLP red mafia, north of the Cold stream, spot that their clients were going to be swept to oblivion if they didn’t wake up and smell the kaffir coffee brewing?

Obviously not.

Even after the dear leader was escorted safely from the crime scene and got his hearts desire to rejoin the flock of Rome, our manse scion, heathen predestined, didn’t twig. His fat head was allowed to inflate to monstrous proportions as his handlers guided him around the world stage, like a great big scary Grinch, to no purpose. All the while his handlers’ colleagues were putting the final touches to grooming the Rothschild’s’ agents for their moments in destroying the powers of the great British public in the soon to be finally establish Rothschild’s Chase, by the instrument of a hung parliament. The vacant bovine lots, that are the serfs resident here, didn’t twig that to get a hung parliament in UKplc you’ve got to start plotting decades before hand.

And so the plot thickens. 50 more parliamentary seats to disappear in UKplc and the rabid belief systems will be reinforced to cause more chaos soon.

Didn’t anyone notice? Didn’t anyone care? It isn’t as if the planning is subtle. Whilst Murdoch’s media was pumping out ephemera 24/7 didn’t anyone take care to beat the bounds of the kingdom? Well no actually.

I love it when someone else gets to wondering about what is what. You will know by now that your correspondent here has had his beady eye on the great illusion that is Barry Soetoro ever since Tarpley gave us a heads up in 2007. Barry’s kind of like Margaret Thatcher in so many ways. Absolutely not what you see. Golden Brown he definitely is but what was the recipe. Well at this here trash heap, we’ve looked at the Mau Mau connection via Maurice Strong. We’ve noted that his grand daddy served with UK forces in SE Asia. We’ve noted that his cousin Odinga is a fascist bastard, just like the rest of the family then. That mommy and her mommy were knee deep in phekking over the peasants through micro finance initiatives. That he spent a lot of time as a hiss elf, like little Timmy Geithner, out in SE Asia as a crypto/crypto/cryptomuzz/judeoKristian/cryptoheathen. That he’s an Alinskyist trouble making goon, well in with the Maoists, that he hangs with terrorists like the Weatherheathen and his academic records are verbotten und geheime.

Well some else has noticed that all isn’t as kosher as it looks. H/T ZGR.

Oh don’t be getting all conspiratorial on me. Golden Boy Pharaoh Cameron thinks he’s descended from the psychopath Moshe. The Roth think they are descended from Nimrod. Kaddafi is a Phoenician; why else have a boy named Hannibal. The Saudi Royals are nothing but slaver heathen camel jockey sand bandits. I take umbrage with some of the comments in that last one. The Saudi’s are Ba’al Hammon heathen, not Jews.

So back to the Golden Brown boy from Fife. How’s he going to sleep at night when he’s in his 80s and Glesga is under Sharia? How’s he going to look Knox, the heathen agent, in the eye at the Pearly Gates of Ba’al Hammon, how’s he going to take the fall?

Well laughing boy the clues were there all along, all the clues we, the scum you deigned to ignore, could clock from the wilds of Hertfordshire.

Didn’t you ever wonder how the Slot Gob’s Cheshire Cat could rest at night, after not performing coitus interruptus, when you all knew that he was the screaming front man for the drowning of what remained of UKplc with the heathen?

Nah of course you didn’t you were full of Marxist shit you useless historian. Why do you think her Maj. recently got all jiggy with the HitlerJungend geezer with the skull cap? Why no protest from the ghost of Lex Luther when the prelates of her Maj. were half inched to go and join the division of SchutzStaffell Rome?

Gordon I don’t think you ever knew anything, about anything, about history, ever. You certainly didn’t know anything about finance, political economy, economics, given heathen religions or grand strategy.