Monday 26 September 2011

This arse opened its mouth.

Look, laughing boy,I don’t know which side of the tide you came up the river on, or what banana boat you got dropped from, let me just point a few home truths out to you.

You are going no where. Your sire didn’t drop off a cross channel ferry in 1946 after spending his time farting around, running from any possibility of a fight, Europe when the NKVD und Sonderkommando were stalking the night. Your sire wasn’t a great big limp commie dick kidding on he was in danger. Draped in the refugee garb and stirring up trouble just before he legged it from town. Your sire wasn’t a great big ersatz intellectual thief in the night. You are not Roth rot.

Go on then Phukk D’Witzz, ask Dave or Mr Ed what grand dad did in Poland then, has the family got a collection of dead persons' gelt in their possession? Go on.

So when you opened your big empty shithole of a gob and suggested that eastern European immigration should have been capped I did wonder Bollox Features.

Who would you have welcomed in then muppet master? Would be second lord of the treasury.

I know and have worked with a shed load of those geezers and geeztrice you cannot stand and not one of them smuggled in chimp meat, assorted credit card scams nor did they sacrifice a lad, cut off his head, arms and legs and then drop his body in the Thames. Not one of them expressed an interest in burning the country down or imposing Sharia law. Not one wanted to kill and replace the people living in this country.

You useless, utter wasting, vacuous piece of detritus retarded bitchboy mentalist.

I’ll bet chipmunk cheeks isn’t sucking your balls these days. Is she?

Go on then you stinking pile of traitorous crap what are you talking about?

Nothing as usual.