Wednesday 21 September 2011

Reduced Instruction Set Cabal

The grass sprang

The trees sang

The sun waits as always the First time.

Once again we take a look at the next really big expensive, expansive war theatre. The hyperlittoral warsphere.

The enemy drunk

Life limp and wrung.

Laid down my text book, I was bored, and my studies were tiresome. The autumn sunlight, streaming through the windows splashed light on the hot, vast expanses of desktop. I almost slept. My eye rested and then stirred. On the shelf stood, in three volumes, A People’s History of The United States. Abandoning the prescribed, I left my reduced space, and wandered into the reduction of others.

I always remember reading about the attempt to genocide the Pilipino being described; now I know it was only the Christian part though. No change there, eh, when it came to the twentieth century and the race supremacists. I also remember one of the commentators out here remarking in passing that the enterprise was a typical Ba’al Hammon enterprise, like the taking of South America 400 years before.

Don’t forget that the rules set by the banksters will be set in such a way as to have delivered to them their desired technnotronic outcome. So as in WW2, no gas, so in WW3, no space attack. Gentlemen’s rules don’t you know.

However let us go back in time.

Back to when this all happened. All quotes from here.

“1900: PHILIPPINES. Genocide artist cum U.S. Army General Elwell Otis tries to deflect criticism of atrocities and torture by U.S. troops by claiming that the Filipinos who are defending their country are just as naughty as the Americans who have invaded and occupied it. Filipino leader Emilio Aguinaldo suggests that neutral journalists and representatives of the I
nternational Red Cross inspect his
military operations.

Otis refuses to allow such a thing but Aguinaldo manages to smuggle four reporters,two English, one Canadian and one Japanese, into the countryside to see the treatment of American prisoners first hand. They report that Ame
rican prisoners of the Filipinos are “treated more like guests than prisoners,” and are “fed the best that the country affords". The four reporters are expelled from the Philippines by the U.S. as soon as their stories are printed. American prisoners released by the Filipinos tell other reporters that they too had been well treated.”

“The U.S. then cuts food and trade in order to starve the people of Samar into submission to their American masters. U.S. troops rampage across the island looting and burning thousands of homes. And killing. In its relentless que
st for justice, the United States slaughters tens of thousands of inhabitants of the island of Samar, virtually all of them helpless civilians.”

“American losses were trivial, 4234 d
eaths of which the majority were from disease. Less than 1500 Americans were killed in combat. Philippine military deaths are estimated at around 20,000. The number of completely innocent Filipino civilians killed by the U.S. in the process of "benevolent assimilation" is probably between 600,000 and 1,000,000. Millions of Filipinos were injured and maimed. Hundreds of thousands of houses were burned, hundreds of towns and villages destroyed.”

“Sergeant Charles S. Riley testifies ab
out entire villages being burned by U.S. forces and described the "water cure" torture
carried out by U.S. troops against Filipinos.
A.(The victim) was tied and placed on his back under a water-tank holding probably one hundred gallons. The faucet was opened, and a stream of water was forced down or allowed to run down his throat. His throat was held so he could not prevent swallowing the water, so that he had to allow the water to run into his stomach. He was directly under the faucet, with his mouth held wide open. When he was filled with water, it was forced out of him by pressing a foot on his stomach or else with the hands; and this continued from five to fifteen minutes." A native interpreter stood directly over this ma
n as he lay on the floor, and "kept saying some one word which I should judge meant 'confess' or 'answer.' When this unhappy man was taken down and asked more questions, he again refused to answer, and then was treated again.
Q. In front?
A. Yes, on the stone walk. They st
arted to take him inside the building, and Captain Glenn said, "Don't take him inside. Right here is good enough." One of the men of the Eighteenth Infantry went to his saddle and took a syringe
from the saddlebag, and another man was sent for a can of water, what we call a kerosene can, holding about five gallons. He brought this can of water down from upstairs, and then a syringe was inserted one end in the water and the other end in his mouth. This time he was not bound, but he was held by four or five men and the water was forced into his mouth from the can, through the syringe.
Q. Was this another party?
A. No, this was the same man. The syri
nge did not seem to have the desired effect, and the doctor ordered a second one. The man got a second syringe, and that was inserted in his nose. Then the doctor (Dr. Lyons, an American) ordered some salt, and a handful of salt w
as procured and thrown into the water. Two syringes were then in operation. The interpreter stood over him in the meantime asking for this second information that was desired. Finally, he gave in and gave the information that they sought, and then he was allowed to rise.
Private William L Smith corroborates Sergeant Riley's testimony and admits that he had assisted in the complete destruc
tion by burning of the town of Igbaras, a town of ten thousand people. Sergeant Edward J. Davis related other incidents of torture by U.S. forces and the burning of another town of twelve thousand people. Other witnesses recounted similar incidents.
Until recently, I had thought that these things (torture) were sporadic and isolated, but I have been forced to the belief that they are bu
t a part of the general plan of campaign. Senator Joseph Lafayette Rawlins

By a strict party vote, the Committee refuses to call other proposed witnesses, calling witnesses instead from a "safe" list created by the U.S. War Department. The attempt to hide the truth of what the U.S. is doing to the Filipino people backfires when the veterans on the safe list begin lecturing the anti-imperialist members of the Committee on the need to shoot and/or burn all Filipinos because of their "inability to appreciate human kindness."”

By chance I believe I have some piccies of this. Abu Graib anyone.

Completely unrelated; the last entry on the relevant page notes this re: Panama.

“William Cromwell is made the fiscal agent of the newly invented "nation" of Panama, a very profitable position. His law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell and its two star shysters, brothers Allen and John Foster Dulles, will go on to play the pivotal role in organizing the cartels and business deals which will eventually bring us Adolf Hitler and the Second World War.”

Now you know who met in Switzerland during the last big one to arrange the transfer of the Gehlen Org over to US care and the CIA’s European desk!!