Friday 30 September 2011

Marxist Business Administration

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Please use Fagin’s inspection method here, especially on the words, management team.

There are no teams, only executioners in the closed system.

MBAs may need to cease their non conformist, reactionary, counter culture, iGREEN, traitors to the revolution, farting around on their open air exercising with scaffolding and get themselves indoors more often.

They may need to start believing in something other than heathen group think.

Do you think he deserves a General Electric 6Σ from shithouse zentral?

I know, I know. He didn’t blow enough people’s heads off. Statistically non valid like SPSS for SSADM.

Just to throw a bone to you thick Business Frankfurt School Chicago goons. Indeed they would have used capital inputs to automate the process in USofA corp. Hold on that is your spunk drenched phantasm emanating from Naziland. Hansel und Gretel econimaginfictiobolloxhollohoaxolyingology.

So could these fuckers get ISO9001?

No they made a great big mistake.

It was all fiction.

Documentation non compliance.

Are you getting modern business yet?


Slaves, execution, theft.

All 6Σ and all spelt currectoly.

All compliant.

The MBA eunuch.