Friday 16 September 2011

Weapon System

One of the interesting stories circulating in various forms over the past month or so is the total inability of the UKplc economy to deliver the benefits of the PONZI scheme to its , as they believed themselves to be, beneficiaries.

I mean, if you are knee deep, nay neck deep, executing a bloody bank robbery and the guys running the show are shown to be an illusion, after you’ve evaded all alarm systems, lifted the loot and escaped hot pursuit, what would you think when you tool up to Mrs. Easther Big, with the contraband swag, and get told that either it is worthless trinkets she’s sent you to lift or she just isn’t going to hand over the promised promissory. Then you get lead into an ante room by a front man , you feeling all confused like. Don’t you UKplc?

Now I’m not suggesting any of us are ever going to be given some in your face clues as to what is coming “Blokhin initially decided on an ambitious quota of 300 executions per night, and engineered an efficient system in which the prisoners were individually led to a small antechamber—which had been painted red and was known as the “Leninist room”—for a brief and cursory positive identification, before being handcuffed and led into the execution room next door.
The room was specially designed with padded walls for soundproofing, a sloping concrete floor with a drain and hose, and a log wall for the prisoners to stand against.
Blokhin—outfitted in a leather butcher’s apron, cap, and shoulder-length gloves to protect his uniform—then pushed the prisoner against the log wall and shot him once in the base of the skull with a German Walther Model 2 .25 ACP pistol.

The system we inhabit is so much more subtle than two tapping you, because there is more time to let things occur naturally. Self programmed with 6 Sigma systems and a misplaced care for polar bears will ensure the deaths of billions and the autoslavery of our progeny.


Well the religioKriminal clowns financing systems that nurture monsters like Beria and Blokhin are, in our age, financing systems to nurture killer bears, sea mammals and psycho primates. Go on then, go leave your incontinent granny in the care of a troop of chimps and see what happens.


Oh and whilst we are on about Roth/Rock and their lackeys and lickspittle scientists, if we don’t get the message and start hugging trees and killerooos, the flesh eating bugs and pandemics will be let out of the lab at around the same time as the humanmeat powered robots and the gorilla headed tigers and assorted other good things in the chimerical menagerie, hit the streets to hunt down the remaining savages in the sewer systems, cradling and coddling their few remaining Li batteries, a care never tasted by their aborted children, so they can watch a sacred episode of CorrieEnders on the holy DVD player to remind themselves of what real life used to be like. (I’m with the robot headed wolf pack in that fight, I don’t know about you! Slaughter the mockerfuthers!! Rip their worthless brains out of their worthless skulls. No short circuit of the aether will result. AWOOOOOO!!!!!!)

As I said the fools that inhabit, subsist in, the great Rothschild Royal Hunting ground that is UK Regis got a bit of a shock recently.

Let me start at the beginning.

Just before the old barge got torpedoed and went down to Davey Jones’s Ausphart locker, I witnessed an unusual occurrence. Unusual because for a long time the TfL have insisted that the London bus fleet get uniform old LT Redstylee and up to date with the latest mandated H&S systems, like disability access etc. The result is a spanking, shiny, gleaming new crimson fleet, in the main, of expensively acquired, at our expense, corporate property. So when a wheezy old nag heaved into view on the 221 route, out by the old Army barracks, with its coolant guts spilled all over her majesty’s highway, blocking the lawful progress of her subjects, I raised an eye brow. “Oooh er” thinks I. “The austerity regime means that bus operators are pulling their polished new bus fleets, for use by the more valuable weekday commuter, at weekends and leaving the endwoch scum to make progress on foot.” This musing was later confirmed as I headed up from the North Circ. at Colney Hatch, towards the old Friern Barnet Town Hall, which is now a gated community. Just like the new gated community round the corner, where Aleister Crowley’s squeeze got banged up in the Hatch nut house all that time ago, I do wonder if they sleep well at night. Anyway I clocked several other routes coming through the crossroads there that Saturday. They all had sunbleached old bangers on service, I mean one was almost pink!, all heading South Eastwards. “Weekend peasant service.” thought your correspondent. I didn’t think any more about it until London started to burn that very next week.

Whilst all the hullaballoo was going on, a little something was slipped out that I clocked immediately. Yesterday we got confirmation of something we already knew thanks to QI.

This is nothing new. When UKplc troops were liberating Dutch towns at the end of the last big one, they clocked the indoors khazis and other home comforts of ordinary clog wearers and did verily scratch their heads in wonder and determine to vote for a change at home. A change they really could believe in. So TPTB made sure their leaders turned out to be a bunch of traitorous commie muppets and decades later the country is a khazi. If you don’t believe me about the traitor bit, you haven’t been keeping up to date with past, current and future events. The faces fronting the TUC and the faces fronting every Labour front bench since 1945. Foundation bitchboy and boybitches in the main. If that lot of muppets who are going to lead the public services on strike this year aren’t Roth/Rock hand picked handmaidens of destruction, I’ll eat my own soiled jockeys.

Just to really put the boot in and make sure any and all fuckedwitz get the point. Dennis Healy, Herman Abs. Go join the dots my photoflashed DFreuds.

So let us review what we have here. The tax payers and death policy bearers of UK Regis have no jobs, other than 6 Sigma slavery, otherwise known as grace and favour. They can expect to become progressively homeless and more and more indebted, enslaved. TPTB have their paid political mob once more on the streets. (BTW could you spot the insurance jobs done under riot cover as well?). On a related note. When Brixton went up in flames all those years ago the fuzz were kept well out of the way for 18 months as one of the thoroughfares down there became a major drug nexus, all under gangster control. I’ll leave you to work out how that relates to the next London mayoral election. I will also let you work out how that relates to the basic modus of economics. It isn’t food. Why do you think that so much crime and money is spent killing counterfeiters?

The syphilitic whores that infest the Houses of Parliament do nothing other than offer up the subjects of Her majesty (If any clown on the GGT/MSM/Ausphart/HMG ever refers to UK subjects of Her Majesty as UK citizens, make sure to correct them most violently) So how does this get us to the Blokhin moment which must surely be coming.

Well let me move you to a small Lodge where travelers might rest a while on their journey. A great big phekking 1st class only, no scum welcome, ersatz diversity and quota driven slaver paradise. Remember fiat finance is colour blind, it is the only true diversity compliant instrument on the planet. So just down the road from a pikey camp where captives do dwell (funny how their habitual slaving traits are now outed), a franchise in serfdom. You, yes you, are meet and greet. You, yes you, are 6 sigma’d up the ass. At your own, yes you, expense. Remember investors in people is all propaganda. If, and I mean if, these so called business persons were not a parasitical class, then there would have been no need for London Underground platformage, a century ago, to have pretty tiled patterns to let the traveler, going about his majesty’s lawful business, know which station they were at because most were illiterate. Remember the bitchboy Adam Smith did speak some truths.

Off topic alert.

Well not really, I could never stand Shakespeare or Dickens as a lad. Now that has nothing to do with getting a damned good Scottish education. More to do with the stink coming from all the hoopla surrounding their staging on the GGT. I preferred to stick my beak into Ovid and Commando comics. What really irked me was that having been looking forward to Space 1999, UFO (The bestest Sci Fi series ever), 2001 and assorted other Martian chronicles type shiny and sterile futures, the London Lovies couldn’t wait to get all ragged up and miserable. So I gave it all a great big body swerve. Decades later of course I know that Dickens was always over in USofA corp. because the population there was, unlike UKplc, literate. Though not today in the colonies, since the savages have been reduced to grunting, which is one level above UKplc spawn who need special needs classroom assistants to drivel and drawl. Shakespeare of course was a Venetian plant sent to prepare the pirate base for selective literary and memicking.

Now don’t be getting all hot under the collar Venetian plants in UK Regis, I enjoy a good roister and picnic when the reduced Shakespeare company get jiggy at Forte Hall. I’ve also rediscovered my old Commando stash.

So back to reception. Who could we find visiting this first class spunk drenched, kripsy cremed sheeting, white world of rolled up 50 quid notes? What discord could you possibly experience in this world of wonder run by MBA’d retards?