Monday 19 September 2011

Reduced Instruction Set Criminality

Now then where shall I place us in work, I know there is no real work anymore just attending the Pharaoh but humour me, in the great big globalised slave plantation then? CKRC? Nah. RCE/LC of course. Where shall we deploy these expensively acquired 6 Sigma systems? How to use the accredited non vocationals, the diversity assured, quota compliant blinkers of our non linears, our twin eye patched instruments of ignorance, in the, currently appointed, corporate clearing house for all of human misery? The place where all the pirate corporates and appointed trouble makers come to make play? Where?

Well how’s about living here, Cricklewood, where we can stand door here and play here. End up dead here. Now I’m not trying to say that all Romanian bodybuilding gangsters get executed mafia style in Barnet, however RCE/LC is built on the dead bodies of hundreds of millions and it may just be time for the crime wave to wash over its own shores.

So there we are knee deep in Mayfair mafia, at reception desk, when who should wander in the front door past our soon to be dead colleague…..?

Or perhaps I’m being too cruel to us. Perhaps a lonely gig at a robo kipping stall far away from the bad guys near St James’ palace. You know the kind of place, unstaffed at night. Just ideal for killing off of persons without a guardian or family. Just like the switch from signature to chip and pin, these facilities are designed by the same commercialreligiokriminal minds, as ideal for criminal endeavour.

Go on then, why was chip and pin foisted upon us? Firstly it facilitated the funding of members of the criminal underworld as they went about more important business, if you don’t think that the level of fraud in the system is their slush fund then you really are a fool. You might not believe in the tooth fairy any more but man, the gullibility of the herd is incredible. . Secondly it allowed the number of illiterates in our communities to go unnoticed at the point where they are likely to come into contact with the local herd, the checkout queue, and so keep the local herd ignorant of how many serfs the new satrapy was importing each year. Thirdly it dehumanised you. I love the clowns that stampeded all over the 1960s getting paid by the foundations to scream about rights and discrimination getting reduced to one number in 10,000. Asswipes. Do not let these guys be in charge of a kindergarten is the message. Oh shit the fucks have been in charge for half a century now and have put the housemates in places of influence and power. Go on then, how much consultation did you get before the flood gates were thrown open in January 2007 to Romanian and Bulgarian crime families? Fourthly the change removed potential witnesses from the system. I.e. it made a shed load of staff unemployed and highly unlikely to ever get an equivalent job in the rigged slaving market.

Now before we get all uncomfortable with what I have to suggest let us have a squeak at something. An internationalist cabal of heathen destroy the West in 50 years, converting free, generous people, in the main, to serfs and poverty. A gangster contracts the execution of someone who dissed her and the importation of child slaves. One of us has a failed indicator light on our vehicle.

Who gets their collar felt? Go on work it out. If you live in RCE/LC, live the dream.

Those wonderful robohotels are transit stations for the shipment of expensively suited couriers and just round the corner, at furthest, is one of those ATM free money dispensers for the approved gangsters and operatives of the system.

If you can remember back to the events of the past decade you will realise that UKplc is no longer a functioning nation or society. It is a Rothschild Chase. A family hunting ground. Alton Towers wrote big. We, the great UK public, did nothing to stop war crimes being carried out from our shores. On the one occasion there was a mass protest it was ignored and then a little while later we got blown to smithereens on our public transport network to shut us the feck up. Can you imagine any large scale protest now? No of course not, whilst anyone foolish enough to go out and demonstrate was on the streets their homes would get filled with squatters.

Anyway today I don’t want to ask just what good the Islands formerly known as the British Isles are for, today I want to play with the fools who worship at the alter of quality training.

So foyer number one is in Mayfair. Through he door comes who?

Him, him or him.

This is like a bad joke. Moon, Odinga and al-Bashir walk into a bar and get knighted…boom, boom.

Now then what do we do?

Foyer number two is situated in a gaff only one stage above a love hotel, you will have seen their adverts on telly here in RCE/LC, just on the edge of a motorway services area on the M25, conveniently constructed with 3 independent routes of escape out through the motorway junction itself and a further 3 roads of exit leading off into the countryside past the robobarn, with a fourth and unmapped route for the discerning.

You or I, only one member of staff on the day shift, are just about to clock off and hand the travellers empty gulag over to the system when who walks in?

What do we do? What did we do? Did we do it again?

In the old days, some of these would have been to hand but not today. Let’s face it the organisation's root cause analysis slaves will have made sure that any attempt at homicide by their staff is in no way assisted by the material and fabric of any of their holding pens.

Even in the posh debauchery palaces of the West End you are not going anywhere after you’ve relieved a body guard of his Ingram during orgasm. Turn his bosses boudoir into a charnel house if you will, the hi resolution RCE/LC CCTV systems will hunt you down pronto. I mean this is not 7/7 nor are you a banker chartered psychopath like Kaganovich or Heydrich. You are nothing and how dare you bring your value systems into the iCSI space.

As I mentioned, why does it take so much crime and money to kill counterfeiters? Why take Al down with tax evasions charges? Well he’s one of the lads that understood the system. The whole business/commercial/banking edifice is a criminal construct. Only age gives it a patina of respectability. That is the current problem that the original counterfeiters face right now. The Child Killer’s Republic of China is still too young to take on the mantle of leading world criminal centre from RCE/LC.

However they are working on the legend. This will make you barph. The criminal rats from the Pripyet have a long and glorious history in what? Regicide? Destruction? Crime? Genocide? Yes, but culture? Don’t make me puke. All they are is Al Capones with some diplomatic cover.

Anyway don’t be expecting any sunshine and brightness at this place for the foreseeable future. An acquaintance had to visit 4, yes four, A&E in Barnet borough this weekend before he could get a Day-Glo shot of his broken bones. Death camp rationing at work. The Pripyet Kapos at work as Rothschild’s Kindergarten is about to get it right royally up the ass.