Tuesday 7 February 2012

It is the weekend however there is no music yet, just……Part 2

…..the realisation that the weekend has long gone.

I left you with the thought that all orthodox priests in the CCCP were KGB. I’ll leave that thought parked there for a while as we wander around the so called missile shield donated for our defence by the shilled.

If you know anything about the application of military power you will understand that any military force that stays in barracks gets its arse handed to it on a platter by the forces that have been out exercising in the field. Especially when the religiokriminlacomplex is handing out magic behavioural vouchers nonstop.

If I may mix my metaphors, have you ever considered what it was that determined England’s finest hour? Unrelenting seamanship. The garlic swilling swine were banged up in harbour. Nelson’s lads had chased over the Atlantic and back and then sunk the Frogs and sombrero wearers.

Oh and the money to keep the lines of battle ships at sea month after month was printed out of, soon to be, RCE/LC AFTER the banksters had made the judgement that UKplc was a better investment for debt than FroglandAG because we had better prospects at servicing debts. I.e. our economy was judged to be a better prospect for social engineering than an exhausted France.

If you’ve got your head round that then simply ask the question, who is out exercising non stop at the moment and whose kit is worn out and confined to barracks?

One of the warning signs of eclipse is kit that is ancient, if you’ve read about the knackered old warships, full of worm, that were flogged round the various European navies in the 18th century, many 50 years old or more, then the fact that the Big E and B52s are still on the front line, decades after their replacements have been scuppered on the drawing board or the programmes fleeced by thieving contractors being run from RCE/NY banksters, is a great big warning sign that more social engineering via the Lead Pill Pharmacy is upon us.

There can be no other conclusion than that Truman’s handlers needed the USofA corp. to enter a century long period of stagnation. Remember what I said about the difference between Greece and Rome. USofA corp. is the new Rome, so no surprise on the debauchery and perversion front then!!

The incarcerationindustrialcomplex that has been established within the USofA corp. will soon be feeding inmates into a religiokriminalentertainmentcomplex, just watch.

Though history never fully repeats itself it does have memes that one cannot ever break free from when one is trapped within the original crime scene. Expect the usual Ba’al Hammon suspects to be feeding the non compliant to the chimeras soon.

Calculators, Wembley and missileshields.

Does anyone remember that case of the Casios that were smarter than advertised? When you bought the bogo cheapo calculator the graphics and maths script only gave you bogo standard functionality, even thought the hardware was capable of doing the same tricks as the more expensively marketed up market models. The clever bods at marketing had ruled that the only thing the scum needed to know was what they decreed. Sound familiar?

When the clowns that contracted out the destruction of Wembley were half way through the disaster centre of football in UKplc, notice that despite the fact that everyone in UKplc is now in debtdeath, the well fed, red nobbed; disease vectors in big pajamas are still knee deep in lucre. This is bread and circuses. In a real economy operating along capitalist rules these fools would be in the gutter and starving, their pimped bitches hanging from the arm of an arms dealer in Dubai. Wembley 'crete was suddenly discovered to be crap, so it was all dug out from the dugout and repoured. What was wrong with the project management here? Looking from third hand, though I’ve got first hand tittle tattle from the re-insurance business,  the usual UKplc project managment skills are to be found here. The, let us say, 100million contract gets signed, the monies transferred, the geezer who owns the contract then sends 50% overseas to his offshore account, the remaining 50millions is now tendered for by the cheapest bidders. Rememeber UKplc this is how your health service, education service and public services, keeping the untouched elderly from the reaper, are now funded. UKplc project management, accountants, then try to erect a facsimile of what the illumined architect envisioned in his prize winning fevered mind.

The result was a so called cost overrun, translation=crime scene. Lots of free money for Lott in the hidden banking system=global religiokriminal complex.

If you doubt what I am describing just wander through the farce that is Olympic London 2012. Not just a siphon for public wealth, the theft of land and the occultist in your face bonbombing of the tube system immediately after the announcement and the war kriminals were safely out of London in Templar lands, but a grooming of the abos to expect Zil lanes and oligarchy just like CCCP 1950. You only achieve this type of malarkey when the abos are distracted and deliberately made dumb by a rich seam of idiotpaedagogues ensconced in classrooms and MSM.

So here we are back in the credibility gap/space. Do you really expect me to believe that a religiokriminalegislativemilitaryindustrial complex is going to deliver anything useable? Do you really expect me to believe that the missile shilled is anything other than a cipher to engineer a further realignment of the Darwinian/Lamarckian human model space?

If you need a little proding on that thought consider a “ghetto”, another little secret we are not supposed to think about. Gated community anyone?

Let us have a look at the wonders that the complex has never delivered whilst being iced.


This is part of the total waste of resources that only a soon to be poor nation carries out in its ignorance, whilst the vermin undermine the whole society. I mean how do you explain the total arsebark that we are supposed to swallow about 7/7 in the CCTV capital of the world? All those grainy images and speculative execution of terror. Then they blow away a Brazilian as part of the obfuscatory cover story. Mob hit.

9/11 is now designed to keep us way off the crime trail, 11 years later and no one is following the real narrative. Never mind tagging the upcoming atrocity.

As an example of what I mean we shall retread our steppes to another massive crime scene. Just as there are many who cannot get their heads out of the thermite, there are so many who cannot get their heads out of the ovens.

Thermite, ovens.

All designed to keep one off the scent. Instead of looking at the bigger picture everyone gets into nano detail and argues the irrefutable  non existent third hand evidence.

Instead of looking at the, age old pattern, theft, dead persons and tech exchange, the memed fools stare at nothing. A pleased and pleasant phekkwittery draped over the Roth altar.

No one seems to ask the question, why are the forces arraigned against the USofA corp so subtle? What is it about USofA corp.’s persons that was so hated by the fools in the big room? Why is capitalism so stupid? Why are humans so gullable? Can you feed the average person industrial waste?

To partially answer that little conundrum we will wander over to two of my favourite researchers, not as good a Brian Akira was, but still topping.

Here is the real problem with all nonMSM, they are stuck staring at the beautiful wankstators in the speculum park. All shiney and glistening, all mind muse and eye shine. All false lubed.

No one that I have wandered through, and I’ve wandered far and wide, ever asks. Just what were so many people, from so many countries, from so many beliefs doing, assembled in the Reichsprotectorate with free money and slave labour? What did they do and who wanted this solution? Why did the magic number turn up to distract one's attention away from the real crime scene. And just what was achieved to whomever's benefit within that crime scene?

This is where it gets interesting. No matter how many football pitches, how many whore houses, how many swimming pools, how many orchestras, how many kapos with fiat money are uncovered no one asks the question.

Just what were these unhappy, contented people doing all that time?

I hope you get the perspective when I point out that the west is now in just such a slave camp, all happy, all committing war crimes as depicted in fiction at Nuremberg during a peace time economy.

Go on then swimming, cinema’d fools, how many dead people have you paid for this past twenty years of Cheeky Girl peace?

Just to balance things up I will pick on a big noise. Although I love the wide ranging discussions he has, the fact that he hails from a colony panicked, on cue, when Orson scared the shit out of them always puts them on the watch list. Anything USofA corp is default fantasy. And sure enough when you read his most famous outpouring SRI heave into view.

So what has this got to do with the KGB priests?

Let me just drop a little of something I wrote earlier on you.

So they told their Western cousins, “We’re coming over”. “Hold on a minute” the lads in the butt tight disco flares said “you can’t just pitch up”. WTF we need a narrative to keep the story unbroken and the scum in the dark or TPTB will verily fuck us up.

I shall modify that sentiment to include the phrase….

“They’ve rumbled us and we need to evacuate pronto”….

….as the seminaries pumped priests into the KGB I’ll wager our last khazikillerpsychopaths found themselves slowly outnumbered. Not a position they care for, they’d much rather outnumber and mob the individual, since they are hive minded communialists and cummunitardist at base. When the thieving retarded scum got all outmanoeuvered what did they do? The CCCP was going nonheathenoid. USofA corp, beware if you wake up you’ll get it as well, what do you think the reconquista is and why your south west states are full of Habsburg monoheathenoid agents with no holes in their gunshot heads?

Well lots of heathenoid got a free false refugee pass out to heathen central, some got a free pass to RCE/TA, many got a plan together to scorch the earth after they’d left. That’s what so called heathenoid Russian oligarchs are. Bitches for the RCE/NY banksters who did verily not like the idea of the Russian persons excluding their monoheathenoid bretheren from the choice positions of power and influence in the hot house closed system ecology of their empty conception. Notice that no one else got a free pass, only the child molesters coaching the girls’ gymnastics team and their familial co-monoheathenists.

That brings us to the crux.

If you believe Doland’s contention that there is a break away civilisation utilising black budget monies then I’m afraid, much though I like the chap, you are deluded. If these clowns have a choice of constructing something magnificent or pissing the money up the wall on drugs, champagne and ladyboy blood guess which degenerate path they will choose? Ever been to Capri?

That’s correct, degenerate debauchery and lazy slaughter.

Do not expect anything to work in the ABM shield, except in RCE/TA, that will work alrighty, the European shield is nothing but a make work RICO infested theft bin. Go on then how much have you read recently about ChiComm parts in USofA corp weapon systems? Dumbed down populace using business school madrassa encantations to destroy their society. Go on then name me one prescribed business author who is not NOAHide. Go on. I’ve read so many of the turgid volumes over the years that I have formed an immutable opinion on the pulp faction. It is written by NOAHide complain retards for retards. ISO9001 compliant fairy tales and dullard vomit inducing nonsense muppetry.

So do you expect the mesmeric labour of these clowns to down an ICBM headed for your neck of town?

Nah, of course not.

But then the ICBM itself is illusory, the creation of diseases of minds increduled by the Phukk D’Witzz.