Tuesday 1 November 2011

Big Sibling wants you to stop noticing that all commerce is now larcenous.

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These cyber goons are meeting in London, pirate zentral, to thrash out ways to blind us without us noticing.

They want to silence us without us hearing.

They want to dumb us down without us smelling a big fat RICO gangster rat.

They are conflating, whatever remains of genuine concern for national defence against aggressors, by an organization which has become the global mob enforcer, with the mob sending its enforcers onto the streets with sawn off shotguns to keep the ordinary punter too scared to notice anything or be witness the death of many disappeared. Just like in Russia in 1930s. Just like in Germany in 1930s. Just like Chicago, for a while, in 1920s.

What is really upsetting the gangsters, who now see a chance to be truly global in operation, is that we’ve noticed them. We’ve worked out that they are an intergenerational religioKriminal global outfit infesting every organization that we would like to have serve humanity. They have poisoned everything we touch. Every human touch point is now a lethality space occupied by intense enmity towards us.

So they’ve called in their bitchboys and boybitches to silence us and keep us mushroom-like again.

Currently Max Keiser, Adrian Salbuchi, Katherine Austin Fitts, Max Igan et al are getting on the banksters’ tits.

Previous works now being disseminated widely, from Martin Luther to Eustace Mullins via Pound, Sutton & Solzhenitsyn already would be burned if the scum could get away with it. Mind you once we are on Kindle all they have to do is ration the lithium batteries in a Library of Alexandria dead cell inferno.

The word is out on the street and the banksterskankstergangsters are ordering our elected bitchboybitches to shut us up, keep us blind, secure our ears and if push comes to shuv, kill a shed load more of us in some faux terrorista atrocity.

They cannot stand the finger pointing that we can now exercise when we see this kind of crap as it heaves through the spunk drenched vomit stained shit house gloryhole that is the GGT. Who is that muppet, who seems to be all over the crime scene, that he can pontificate and defecate all over us? Why is he even discussing the prospect of the Maoist molestering child killing slaver state rescuing the Eurozone? Why do we truck with gangsters? Why are we not boycotting all their poisonous crap? Who gave them all our pension money in the first place? Why isn’t the boybitch asking these kinds of pointy questions? She’s bought and sold and a card carrying member of the ComIntern. WTF!!

Who are these fools that think we are going to forget that the whole economic system is now RICO when the meat sack called our MP tells us we need to shut everything down because terrorists are going to kill the electricity grid.

We all know that the RICO energy suppliers, a la ENRON, are stealing our money, rigging the market and hoping to get away with delivering nothing in UKplc. These rent seeking utilities scum are responsible for more deaths every year in this country through hypothermia in the elderly than any so called Al-CIAduh attack ever will. The so called CCTV security grid and counter terrorism drills are the very systems through which the next terrorist atrocity will be facilitated.

All systems are RICO and are toxic and deadly to the common person.

That is the only truth we can be sure of.

Haig, Napolitano you go and shuv your cyber security conference up your secret hi-way and spin on it jungendbought heathen bitchboybitches.