Tuesday 15 November 2011

OK chums what do you make of this then?

Image source.

Is it the ChiComms at play with an installation that is too big to get into the Turbine Hall? Are they phekking around with some sort of reconsat spoofing tech?

Have a swaatch.

A bit more info.

It isn’t the first time that work shy phekkwitz have draped stuff over other stuff and then stood back with a plum on their thumb awaiting a round of applause. However the ChiComms don’t do art in the desert. This is not California circa 1970, this is 2011 when all the money in the world has been stolen and noone has food or water anymore. Forget the farting around with flowers in your hair, the Zabriskie Point moment has long gone.

So are they putting the shit down or uncovering something. Check the image carefully it is full of what I assume to be ATV tracks and there are signs of there being more stuff under the surface on the periphery of the main scratchings.

Are we witnessing their version of Dream Land in Nevada or is there something esoteric going on. The proximity to Tibet would give pause for reflection on the weirder traditional myths concerning that area.

Is it the Earth’s Barcode?

And are we beyond our sell by date?