Friday 4 November 2011

Just what use is UKplc? Part 1

I was going to shut this shit down for tonight.

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However I hope you got to see the shit propaganda fronted by BP and Dr Abrahms.
Athletes at 2012 minimise your carbon footprints by sitting on your arse and doing fuck all.

Do us a favour you are not ….

.. you are bitchboybitches with attitude, respect, innit, PhukkD’Witzz.

Kept in a disabled gilded cage with what purpose? What is it that you do that this perp wanted from you all that time ago? What is the obvious eugenics angle that you serve, you collection of pampered, preening, over fed, narcissistic epicurean parasites? Why is it that when judgment calls are made, when allocation of resources are being decided, why is it that the secretive goons in charge make sure you lack for nothing as they swill their champagne way, caviared cruise and pampered jetset lifestyle around the globe, whilst millions go starving? Why should so much false lucre be spent on your OCD whilst these are all dead? What is it about these perps that gives me the creeps? Why should the Belgian nationality of the IOC’s president make me want to check my 6 and then start checking for occupied dungeons?

So UKplc you are host to bunch of degenerate supremacist eugenicists next year and all the oohing and ahhing about the geezers with false legs and suped up wheelchairs is sublime cover for transhumanism right in yer face.

What is it about this that you don’t get? In a functioning democracy the elites that pimp from their limousines would be scared to show their faces. But not in UKplc, here they can shit in our faces and we lap it up.

When did you check your morals, remember ethics are what allow you to commit murder, and brains into the cloak room UKplc? When did you decide that you liked being Marie Antoinette’s pigsty? When did you decide that you were unfit to decide anything yourselves and outsource the care and maintenance of your lives to a bunch of bent bitchboys and crooked boybitches who bend over for Ba’al Hammon every day?

Which bit of these eviloids do you not get. One is the semitic bishop of Ba’al Hammon in residence and the other is a heathen Druid.

Are you so confident in yourselves that you do not need to exercise any control over the institutions that are designed for your endless enslavement? Are you careless for you children’s future because you know something I don’t about your power of reason and ability to shape the future to your needs?

OK then. What strength in your character are you displaying by worshipping great big disease vectors in pajamas booting around a pig’s bladder every Saturday? What wisdom are you acquiring by filling your memory with false reality syndrome every day of every week by watching CorriEenderDale?

Which bit of the Darwinian process do you not get UKplc?

You are being selected for propaganda and specious specie or livestock on Rothschild’s great estate .

What use are you UKplc?

Of what use are you in the aggregate UKplc?