Friday 18 November 2011

More Aarsefaan

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OFM Pudsey the PSYOPS bear is shaking us down tonight.

Have you noticed that in Stalinesque stile, the hurdle has been overcome and there is more mention of Christmas this year on the minion screen.

Phukk the patch eyed bear.

Let us see.

Why not give the mother an Armalite and let it loose on the boardroom of the GGT, shake down the false charities operated out of RCE/LC and then shoot the clown full of psycho tropics and unleash the stuffed fool in any beach paradise on the Med where the thieves and their extended families juxtapose their pleasure organs.

That should free up a shed load of false lucre.

It is all a load of Bollox.

Go on then GGT carve your over stuffed salaries in half and stop shooting up.

Nah the self grooming fools think they have a right to wallow in their own fiat shit.

Talking of which I note that someone has clocked the Turing fail.

“Blammo said...
"YES, that is what is going on!"

Are you kidding, Aang? This from a nebulous, one-line commenting blogger who censors comments? Comments from the person whom their post was directed at? Comments which challenge their objectivity?

I'd say that's either an ego run amok, or the pot calling the kettle 'black.'
November 11, 2011 1:34 PM

IT is supposed to be a schoolgirl cooperative. Nah IT is likely this boybitch’s chummies cranking out this shit’s memory to rack up readership numbers.

IT is nothing more than a corporate database query dump. Admittedly, with a very recent, inhabited carbon based life form front fooling around with the corporatistas’ database memory barph.

Go on then wander through the output. Year after year of Turing fail. Go on then fools, Turing test IT.

Anyone promoting IT is either thick as two short ends or an agent.

IT has been on the watch list since IT started shitting on the RCE/TA. If you read here regularly you will know why that flagged the phukk up. Then IT did a Jimmy Saville database query on us. I know, IT does not.

IT knows nothing.

Do not let your children anywhere near the GGT.

It is full of procurers and your loved ones will be drugged, dead meat.