Sunday 6 November 2011

Stopped (Non Entity)

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When I was knee deep in Bulgarians just before the gates opened in 2007, the Tier 2 PM and I would share a break. He seemed to me a tad soiled for the work at hand and he told me straight up that he’d had to walk away from a server farm because one of the stable mares had stuck a chib in a client at her premises. Dead. He was down half a mill. That’s when I got a short course on Hertfordshire 1970s porn shoots and local blacksmiths with a side line in bondage, cages and restraints.

I like Hertfordshire and when I used to watch the greatest Sci-Fi show ever I didn’t know that 40 years later I could walk the same woods today.


Spooked has lobbed this out recently. When I first read this Kubrick malarkey the mental note was formed to watch the film, nothing else. Then, much later, I listened to Hoagland’s recollection that the rumour that the entire moon landing stuff was being filmed on a vacant lot was deliberately circulated, just as the A11 moon landing was being beamed across the world, in the NASA press centre. See Dark Mission and note the SRI angle.

So K is going to be in on the big secret is he? The clown from Babylon who shot his load where the casting couches were gashed. The scion of intellectual property thieves. Reivers of image and filmed vagabonds, clad in see through silks. That we are to believe his take on nothing’s side of the clapped out clapped clapperboard? Phukkovsky!

So years after my favourite spooky season TV series and thousands of miles from the crime scene we had this lot heave into town earlier this year.

Looking back at all this stuff, and A Clockwork Orange lopes right into the reticular crosshairs, then I can only conclude that we are being smoked out of our lairs.

If you remember this crap then the little unnoticed thing I was trying to draw attention to was the fact the the original Dr Who theme from the phase conjugate mind mirror was the noise of the beehive, as remembered by those thought exterminated by the Hollerith.

Listen at the very end, HV pulsed AC & DC vortex. Have you spotted the spinning meme?

Can you hear the Kammlerstab? The subordinate dynamite experts at work executing witnesses of every sort, with allied cover, in the last days of the so called war?

Market clearing operations. High frequency trading with an MG42.

NKVD, OGPU, Sonderkommando und Einsatzgruppen. RAND. iGREEDgreeniGREEDagreed.

The whole thing stinks of theft weapons getting right into the richest societies on Earth and seeding cover stories in all axes.

Farriers to nipple clamps, moonshots to cumshots, it is all hoaxed.

The give away is the never empty dinner plates nor half filled glasses.

Reality is empty and death.