Monday 31 October 2011

Let me take you back to a darkened room in a November time far, far away…

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… a large London City armoured cell deep in the bowels of Tower 42 in the crypted cryptic catacombs.

“Please take a seat. What’s your poison?”



“Oh yes please”

“How are things in Sedgefield?”

“Settling in nicely, but a tad far from London”

“Oh that’s a mere detail; the thing is you are safely ensconced in the rotten borough. You are going far, you’ll not be spending much time in the constituency and we need you safe for at least a quarter of a century.”

“Splutter…really, cough”

“Yes I thought that might come as a surprise. Let me give you some background on what is to come and your role in these events. As a little aid memoir I’ll run us through a short slide show as I speak. Comfy?...Then let’s begin.


He is our agent and has successfully liberated the riches that are Russia’s for our plucking at a time of our choosing. We recruited him way back…well let’s just say that there are more things going on in an Olympiad than watching the over muscled savages chasing each other round and round a track. All I’ll say is he liked the "women’s", chuckle, gymnastics. He’s now running a foundation sowing the green seeds for another genocide when we call it.”

“I’ve never liked the Olympics, I prefer Twickers”

“Well his mission is completed and we need to turn our attention to the next stage in the plan.”

“She put Britain first and forgot who was calling the shots. She became revisionist and we reminded her of the true place of Britain in this world. He…”

“…Oh yes he’s a true Brit, I think we’ll win with his leadership..”

“..he’s going to die. Be quiet and listen. As a member of her majesty's’ loyal opposition and holding the oppositional office that you do, you should by now know that the pantomime you partake in is not the real business of our government. He will die soon. He is revisionist and has too romantic an attachment to what is laughingly called the working class in this country. You should know that there is no “working” class just us and them. You are either with us or against us, there is nothing in between. The example being set in Russia today is a warning to all who can see.

So here in Britain we need quietude temporarily. This clown is doing a fine job of keeping Britain paralyzed whilst the rest of the world get’s rearranged.

However that situation is going to change and we need someone who has the foresight to recognize that the interests of the power within the Square Mile can be harmonized with the basic needs of ordinary subjects of her majesty.

We believe you are that person”


“Yes we think that you have the ability to communicate with the British people and usher in a new age that will secure Britain’s place in the new world order. You will of course have to deal with the inherent bigotry of the British population, who can never understand the great work. We think you have that connection, like Clinton, which will allow the change we require from Britain to be carried out under your leadership.”

“Change? Redistributionist policies?”

“Yes and No; permanent change in the demographic of the nation, the idea of Britain has served its purpose. We need to seek a common approach to a new purpose for the nation, or more correctly the propaganda and intelligence region of Europe.

We need a massive number of refugees from the Middle East and South West Asia. We need to remove all industry from the new region. Our common purpose must be to prepare the NUTS. We do not want revanchist, Menshevik, arriviste popular politicians gumming up the works so the complete MSM will be on message for the period of your premiership and we have no time to dilly dally so that the project might get derailed by enquiring minds.

We will ensure that the British public is preoccupied whilst the influx of those we need to staff the great propaganda weapon system, to be deployed in the second decade of the next millennium, are eased into place.

Remember that the power represented here really resents the failure of the British to deliver the promised victories in Europe last century. All that money lavished on her navy 100 years ago and what did it deliver. Any Trafalgar moment? NO. The British should have tried harder and our masters do not intend letting anyone who benefitted from these vast expenditures throughout this century to enjoy anything resembling retirement. By the end of the second decade of the 21st century there will be no more British armed forces, no British anything. Revenge will be sweet.

It took another war after the failure in 1914 to get a replacement nation into step with the demands of the project. The only thing that all the islands of the Britons are needed for now are barracking for the propaganda sonderkommando and wide open spaces for the recreation of our masters.

Can you see yourself in No10 in a few years time with a remit to completely destroy the old and bring in the new. The pieces will be thrown in the air and before they settle again Britian must be reshaped completely. Order out of chaos?”

“I’ll do it”

“Good then we’ll be seeing more of you over the next few months as the obstacles are cleared from the stage and we stage the transfer of power. Aren’t the subjects of her majesty thick?”

“Oh yes”

I suppose you’ll be giving me the bird for the 20/20 hind sight. Well the thing about taking a look at what really happened and filling in the gaps, scenario playing and modeling outcomes, is that some of the future can become illuminated.

What kind of leader needs to be manufactured? Yes boybitches and bitchboys. What kind of leader are we going to get in the next decade from these laundered notes? I’ll guess it will not be a Briton and will likely be South Asian, likely opposed to rabid belief systems a la Menshevist/Bolshevist false dialectic. That is what the selection lists and rules about diversity and inclusivity are about. We are going to get a beautifully spoken cipher with no interest nor roots in Britain.

We’ll get the vacant lot because the propaganda weapon system will be running flat out 24/7 trying to fool the enemy that we are free and they are slaves. Inversion of the truth is always the GGT specialty. Perception management and trickery. What does the USofA corp. resemble today? A Soviet. Looked at with a certain squint the Berlin Wall has moved thousands of miles and now surrounds the 50 states. So with the predictive peering into my crysptic balls we can see the banksters deciding to try and break USofA corp. up again. The give away sign is the ZOMO on the streets.

All lead by a bunch of chosen puppet single issueists on each side of the divide.

Menshevists, Papists, Bolshevists, Zionists, Nazis, iGREEN, Wahabiists.

All chosen, all heathen, all bankster compliant, all goons of Ba’al Hammon.