Wednesday 12 October 2011

French letters.

Image source.

During the attack on the west the French Air force went AWOL. It cost the French tax payer a fortune to buy it and staff it. No one seems to know why it disappeared from the sky. It did not interdict what was a poorly equipped, brilliantly lead and very vulnerable opportunist Wehrmacht operating from a peacetime economy. The French were protected. Go on then Atar? I dare you. Just
remember that; when you fly B737, A320, A340, oh phekk me it is tragic!!!

I know why. It was ordered to vamoose by banksters who wanted to raid Krautland soon thereafter. The Frogs could
not do that mission; they’d all been killed off during 1914-15. A couple of years after the weapon system known as the US Federal Reserve was fabricated. That weapon system was to bear fruit in the 1940s.

For those of you unable to get your heads round that, let me repeat again something I hit you with earlier.

Since 1990 UKplc has been at peace. NO? So UKplc forces have taken part in operations worldwide, though concentrated in Parthia, where millions and millions of people have died due to our armed forces and allied activities
. Are you getting the picture yet?

We, NATO, currently have Einsatzgruppen und SonnderKommando operational from Algeria to Pakistan. No?

So let us enjoy a little bit of CochinChina at peace. Remember this is after the squareheads have returned the dreaded toy Panzerwaffe to the workshop for a rebuild. Got that? Back to the equivalent of QuickFit! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA.


The Armée de l'Air had in its inventory approximately a hundred aircraft, of which around sixty could be considered first line. These consisted of thirty Potez 25 TOEs, four Farman 221s, six Potez 542s, nine Morane M.S.406s, and eight Loire 130 flying boats.”

So what does that have to do with today? Spot the emissaries and mediators. Who ate each other in the Dutch East Indies and helped us garrison Cochinchina in 1945. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA BWBWBWBAABAABAAHAHAHAAAAA.

Zoh what else is going to go missing today soon?

If you find there is nothing alongside the piers in Bangor.

If you find Hawaii vacant of SSN.

Then you will know that once again the banksters have jerked their nonces’ chains.

The west’s SSBN/SSN are now subordinate to RCE/TA.