Tuesday 18 October 2011

18th/19th October 1943

Image source.

Only 5% lost this night.(That means, during this stage of the war, 100 of our young men in pieces iGNOBLE laureates, dead.)

Southern Rhodesia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England.

Free French, Free Poles, Free Czechs, Free Americans, Free Belgians.

Given that they all died to keep us warm and safe UKplc. Which bit of the bargain do you not get you credit defaulted derivative eunuch degenerate PhukkD'Witzz EDF'd botchedboybitches!?

GTF out and vote the scum out of office. Use the Rigorous Voting Methodology to which I will addendum.

“Anyone talking banking, finance and economics is ready for a good booting.

Anyone talking religion disguised as dialectic solidarity is ready for a good tanking, innit.

Anyone talking iGREEN yute hates humanity and we the vulgar, kick the bitchboybitch’s lights out

Anyone dual nationaled with the terrorist base at RCE/TA, boot the heathen bastards’ clock in.

Anyone found to be friends of the Rothschild firebase and heathenite shrine to Ba’al Hammon, make your displeasure known to them in your own creative way”

Get on with it.

Or you will send your children on a 50/50 trip to nowhere to kill other’s children again.

Oh phukkmee I need some music.