Saturday 29 October 2011

Entartete Kunst

(In order to keep this outburst gender compliant we recommend that when you see the word “man”, close your eyes, kid on you never saw it, just like a good iGREENyoungSOVIETbitchboybitchmenschebitch, and replace the two consonants & one vowel with the PCCP(Political Correct Common Purpose) phrase “Inhabited Carbon Based Life form” and then go phukk yerself!)

Went for a wander round Ayr and this heaved into view.

A lovely, form fits purpose, old fisher from Maidens all wrapped up in what can only be described as the product of a union between a flakturm ammunition gantry and a midget frankfurter schule retard aborted communist utilitarian conception.

Anchors and chains floating in the air as if gravity was pointing the wrong way, a similarly graviton exchange challenged steel block & tackle and the feel of a blast shelter never completed.

Totally crap.

Do you remember fisheries UKplc? Do you remember when harbours like Ayr were teaming with geezers in smacks?

Do you remember industry UKplc? Do you remember work?

If the same strictures that old “finger through the bogroll” features used to preach about, concerning over manning, played up by his commie buddies in the unions, within UKplc industries all those decades ago were to be applied to the management of UKplc. airports aujourd’hui then I would recommend the following.

BTW do you remember sphincter tissue digital penetration incident man? He of the Chicago schule prescription for the betterment of UKplc industry. Oh any who suggest he was just a front man for the theft of everything that UKplc working persons had ever achieved and built, would be verily anti-djinn inhabited djinn based life form, would not they? I mean look at the paradise that Britons inhabit today!


So when it suites the skanksters front Inhabited Carbon Based Life forms to moan about UKplc workers getting time to clock on what a bunch of inhabited bitchboys and unhealthy boybitches are scamming them off, the workers get unemployed. Oh and when the workers are massively employed in some enterprise one can spot the scam.

I am talking about over inhabited carbon based lifeformning in UKplc airports, disguised as our security.

All that money poured into security systems and procedures.

Well chums; just what do you think makes these places so dangerous. Oh yes those very same investments in security. The security systems are a threat to our Inhabited Carbon Based Life forms. Trouser, frock and pram. Go on, go ask this clown , who managed to insert the whole bog roll by the looks of things, how much danger he and his RCE/TA crime family relatives are causing to reap a massive profit from Rothschild CIA/MiHi/MOSSAD manufactured terror?

The systems are there to kill us on order, until NOAHide arrives and the systems will become psychopathic and you will be amnesiac and not notice.

Just to make this clear to all.

The GGT is over inhabited carbon based life formed. Frock and trouser.

UKplc airport weapon systems are over inhabited carbon based life formed. Baton and cuffs.

Just to make sure you know what I am talking about, have a gander at men and women who are not inhabited by the djinn.

BTW they will get a stick in the mouth. Just watch.