Friday 14 October 2011

Take a break.

Give Max and Gerald a little break and have a wander through this.

Warning you will bauk.

Read this.

Aren’t you glad Chris Dodd and Bawney Frank were able to eliminate the risk from Too Big To Fail banks? Well don’t look now, but Morgan Stanley and our other friendly Wall Street criminal banks are about to blow up the whole fucking world in a spectacular once in a lifetime explosion of derivatives. Do you know what blows up derivatives? When extreme market moves that were not considered possible in their little Harvard MBA created models happen, KABOOM!!!!

Finally listen to the always wonderful GeorgeAnne Hughes and guest. You will bauk be warned.

Now if you got what I parked out here yesterday at both shops then you should have worked out by now that ALL this happens because we are inside the ever expanding original crime scene and the sacred instrument of debt. Group action will never kill it. It can never be taped off by a police line. Only by a quadrillion individual acts of will by each person each day until death, can we remove it at last from the backs of humanity. The evil amongst us can never be dissolved unless humanity synthesizes its soul.