Wednesday 5 October 2011

Ooohh he is awful but I like him.

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Just because I can.

It is Georgeous time again.

These hearings in a country where credit card scamming was used on an industrial scale to finance the Foundation-illegal-alien-Chicago gangster moll’s campaign to become POTUS. That the voting process there, which is machine automated, would cause Joseph Stalin’s steel heart to beat with jealousy.

I love a good show, though mark Georgeous’ words well. Every time he puts the word Iraqi or Iraq in play replace with UKplc if we were to give any trouble now that we are a load of Tango’d bitchboys.

Imagine we all of a sudden we woke up and put in a UKIP govt. Nigel would get a two tap from a grassy knoll, sanctions would be selectively applied and our masses would be infiltrated with globalist hireling thugs.

Do you seriously expect The Coagulation or the Moribund Brothers to stop their UN Globalist masters bidding?

Do you?