Wednesday 19 October 2011


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This hits the pixels because I’ve created a monster which should have splashed across your screen yesterday, however it has turned into the Blob and may take over the planet. I cannot stop it so here is an intermission whilst I try and batter the thing into some sort of sensible, to you, shape. I do warn you though it is ultra weapons grade bollox, however if you want to avoid it don’t turn up.

A little while back I mentioned that my two blogger trashcans get the most traffic from the seekers of certain esoterica and erotica.

Specifically those seeking knowledge of the human clitoris and the knowledge seekers who are parked off world and would like to get piped aboard the USSS Curtis Le May and USSS Roscoe Hillenkoetter.

Recently though I’ve also realized that Matthew is getting a lot of traffic.

So we’ll leave the filthy beggars to it and concentrate on the two Great Brits.

From what I can gather Gary McKinnon is getting the Singsing treatment because he walked into NASA. Got that. Walked. Not hacked. Walked through an open door. In a country that has been raped by Hank Paulson, Alan Greenspan, Helicopter Ben, Goldman Sucks, JPM and assorted dual nationality spies, they are putting the heat on a guy who did what?

He walked into the NASA’s Gene Roddenberry archive and read some muppetry.

He read some JPL fiction by Ray Bradbury and now he’s off to the Ljubljanka. He had a swaatch at The Martian Chronicles, he clocked Han Solo’s laundry list at SRI and the UKplc government cannot protect him from NKVD style rewriting of history ex post ex ante Isaac Asimov.

I don’t know about you but Gary getting marched off to the Gulag Archipelago in a country that had its dual national traitors invite the ChiComm slavers, starting 20 years ago now, to come round and half inch all the tech. paid for by the USofA corp tax payer is a typical 1984 double ungood trap.

As for Matthew Delooze let’s just enjoy some more from a man who noticed that his trade union Kapos were fully paid up class traitors.