Sunday 2 October 2011

Ships and shits and why are the adverts all white now?

Mind phukking the fools with psychogrooming before the slaughter house gates.

Anterior, alive, posterior, dead.


Not so loverly is the current line of battle ships here in Nowhere and Indistinct sur Atlantique, NIAplc. You know the place. It is about to become as important as Portugal was in 1945 to applied nuclear research.

Burnt out and spent. Consumed and tossed onto the rubbish heap.

A holiday resort for the global elite, staffed by ignorant serfs.

I remember scunnert once remarked that a toff out in the Raj quipped to her British employee that she had far more in common with the Rajahs and Sultans out their than with anyone who would identify with her as her kinfolk.

Now you know why the kinfolk of the Mahoots are now parked in the best positions in the economic firmament here in NIAplc. They have the best positions in the economic ecology all sown up. You ain’t getting in NIA peasant, no matter what the quotas might say. Expect all that equality bollox to get booted out the window pronto, Tonto. Kimosabe is a shoeshine boy now. The eastern elite were tipped off and so made their way over here to live it up in the country we built. Don’t believe me? Have you clocked the current draft in the most highly sought after educational establishments in the Smoke? Have you seen the non diversity compliant, ethically cleansed, elitist carbon based life forms that populate the school run?

NIAplc you have betrayed your country, its values, its heritage and its future. It was all so easy. Soap operas and big disease vectors in pajamas. Think I’m kidding. These muppets are an integrated part of the weapon system deployed on your street. These days you don’t drop in paratroopers to capture the radio station nor catapult diseased pigs heads into the water well. No you let the magic box on the wall conquer you.

Go on then, can you spot the clues that this might be so? Go on can you?

Perhaps you cannot.

How come 4 years after the world got unzipped by the mocker futhers in the banking crypt that the slobs infesting the soaps and the grazing meadows chasing inflated pigs bladders haven’t witnessed a crash in their ability to pursue rents in the market place? How come? Everyone else is eating their own toenails and working for nothing, interned in the work camps again. Not the shock troops in the media Medien Shutz Staffel.

NIAplc you make me puke. It isn’t just Tim Rifat that hates you, you indolent, soon to be erased from existence, goons.