Tuesday 11 October 2011

Wandering the world as a bitchboy’s bitchboy.

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This got me to thinking.

If you clock the lad’s pedigree you will get a familiar stink. Exact inactitude.

What do I mean?

This type of phrase, usually found at the beginning of such homilies, gives the spoor of an unnamed network in action.

“Sun Yat-sen, the son of a farmer, was born in 1866.”

Got that? Credentials established with a glancing look. Simple stock, not a royal blood, not a merchant, not a capitalist, not a lording it over you type, simple lad from the soil.

You are disarmed. Just as in the case of almost all the trouble making muppets of that time you are never supposed to ask the following question.

If he, unusually she, was such a simple son of the soil how come the muppet got to travel the world and end up in all sorts of well fed, warmly conditioned and convivial institutions of learning, study, bollocking around or arsebarkingly rabid houses of ideology? Then went back home to cause, continue or foment trouble with outside bankster help like Mikhail Gruzenberg in Sun’s case.

At a time when most of the UKplc were stunted urban dwarves who shat in the open and died young.

You are never supposed to put all that together.

These clowns are always getting free passes to Paris, Moscow, New York or sometimes London. Their personal history always concentrated on their “revolutionary” years. No steady gaze is ever cast on who was lurking around in their early years getting ready to send the scion of death off into the world to further the killing of mankind through indoctrination.

So Sun, who picked you up and sent you to Hawaii son?

Jesuits? Masons? Foundation Bankster Heathen?

OK you are thinking “What’s that got to do with today INCOMING!!!!!!! You muppet?”

USofA corp. the Maoist stench is currently in the Whitehouse.

Checkout the flag within the flag.