Tuesday 11 October 2011

Beating the hounds within the bounds of the Parish

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Let us have a look today at the guys that will be getting cleared from the land and their remnants shuvved into what the fat clown Two shags would call higher packing density hovels in super city gated communities prey to the heathenites. These poor people have had the true evil of Abrahamist self centred, self absorbed, selfish, meist religious crap forced on them for centuries, the only object of which was to steal their lives and wealth.

Currently they are plagued by three brands of this evil filth. Islam, communism and the origin of it all, religioKriminal banksters. Still they resist.

Let us have a good look at some latest local news and their current populations in millions.

Vietnam (dogs?) c91

Thailand (for North Korean tourists?) c67

Indonesia (on a Ba'al Hammon recon mission is he?) c246

That is a lot of peeps. Especially in what was Cochinchina after a century of Jesuits, commies, B52s and agent orange driving them into urban centres, off the land and into the clutches of heathenite business persons, followed by the benefits of sneaker sweat shop slavery for the survivors. BTW my little theory about the Ho Chi Minh trail lite is gaining more traction as originally dreamed up here.

The Malaysian article about the border issue is a typical bit of MSM shit stirring at their masters' bidding. Before the gunfire and sniper you let loose a shit stirrer with a type writer.

If one digs around in the article sources you will find that they are cursed with too much rice, so you can bet that the CFR, UN, RUSI or most likely my ChiComm slaving buddies will take care of that soon enough. (Update Wed 12th Oct)

Old Beelzebub hissself the piece maker of the people, peace making Nobel slaughteriate of the innocents prize, Herod division, will have signed off the business plan at Beijing 2008 I’ll wager.

If you want to bauk have a swaatch at this maximum density bitchboy fest on UKplc idiot window this evening.

Hot air und Beelzebarphzentral.