Thursday 13 October 2011

Heathen Call

What would it take to let us see the game afoot?

Would a great big mega presentation by Whitley Strieber do it? Would a brain stretching tome review of a joint Zbig/Chomski/Kissinger smoking philosophical treatise in the book reviews of the worlds broad sheets do it? Would a Jeff Rense hyper special with DIcke, Tsarion, Hoagland, Dolan, LaViolette and Maxwell revealing all their collective knowledge and synthesising it for us, do it?


So what do we get here and now?

Occupy your local heathen strasse, that’s what! Here in UKplc we get to occupy our branch on a Saturday when the croupier of the heathen are out shooting up ladyboys in Marrakesh or shooting up birds in Devon.

It is as meaningful and portentous as chaining yourself, genitally juxtaposed optimally, to a naked donkey’s ass at Windy Miller’s gaff declaiming demands for “Bestiality Now” on a placard taped to your al fresco’d arse, on a becalmed summer’s evening. Totally useless, no one will see you and then the donkey will verily fuck you up as it heads for home.

Why? Well before I discuss why the geezers out occupying stuff have missed the point I would like to have a little look at the dark little lord haunting this belittled spectacled rainbowed staged revolution. The bitchboybitch György Schwartz.

Who is he?

He’s a soldier for the religioKriminals, a soldier who earned his bones in the Big One. By getting his bones during the most trying of scenarios, at such a young age, right in the bowels of the engineered chaos and destruction of Europe, he was given a patent.

This patent defines his remit and effectivity limits as a bitchboybitch.

An idea of remit limit was outlined in the discussion about ChiComm business plans synchronizing with the main business plan, previously. Similarly George has freedom to kick off operations of his own so long as they serve the biggest of the Ponzi schemes. Never stifle the creative good soldier. Though they must never leave the path. If they do they get vaped.

I have mentioned my opinion that we in the west are equivalent to livestock kept on Marie Antoinette’s Toy Farm at least four times now and that UKplc is the swine midden. I have also remarked, more than once, that the religioKriminal game plan is likely ready to ditch banking as the main revealed vehicle for the transformation of humanity in this war/commerce/banking cycle. If you have not wondered why so much magik would be used over the past decade to blow up the financial system then you are, at the least, incurious and at the most thick as two short ends.

The crucial point of course is that the so called victims of the cycle this time were ideal candidates. Being Christian heathen they were always going to be disarmed and impoverished after a couple of centuries of grooming.

Without further ado.

Let us have a little look at the demands, what there are, of these occupiers. Why are they not called settlers? Don’t yer love the grooming?

So demands. More Demands? (Don’t you love the fist?)

One of the giveaways of a business plan compliant caper is when the RISC turn up and starts quoting stuff. Whether it is Marx, Ghandi, MLK, Darwin, Malthus, Bentham etc it does not matter, they operate under compliance and have a patent detailing their limits. Do not become non compliant or else. You only get away with the non violence part if you are under foundation protection. Foundation protection only exists where the religioKriminals want to operate out of, for they do not want their fine restaurants, theatres and child sacrificing dungeons to be burned to the ground or have to be protected in too obvious a way. Do you think that Roth wants London to turn into Warsaw circa 1944AD or Moscow circa 1941 AD? Or Rome 480AD?

Anyway back to the farm.

The occupants did not care that they were being fattened up from left overs of the wealth of the dead people dying and being experimented upon out with the farm. They did not care whilst they could wander around studying bollox or drawing bollox will nilly. Oh no, talking bollox was going to be a never ending treat. And the grooming went on decade after decade.

Suddenly the shuvvelling of slop by the swineherd stopped. Suddenly all the animals realized just how fat and juicy they were and now empty bellied. Suddenly they decided to stamp around their pigsty and get all mean and non violent.

Off on the other side of the Farm, Marie Anne got to build a new high tech, high packing density, automated pigsty. All shiny and new. The herd were going to be moving in soon but not before the parasites and trouble makers in the old sty were got rid off. So she told her soldiers to go over and start moving the herd with an eye to leaving the ones behind who were unfit or troublesome, to leave them behind, and set fire to the old sty with good cleansing flames.

You see what really annoys me about all these protests is that the herd have had no real change in mind, they have not thought anything through. They are ignorant of most things and do not realize that they have been studied and modelled for over 100 years now. Their every move is predictable and their every response triggerable, everything re searched and re verified. Somewhere deep down they do not realize yet that they are being left behind. All they can focus on is the superficial, all they realize is that unlike the previous generations they have no tradable knowledge and that they might not be able to collect Darth Vader figurines and attend MUFON every year from now on.

Let me make it quite clear MUFON Muppets that if it wasn’t non-compliant the MUFON would have got hit by a neutron bomb ages ago. That is how much the religioKriminals despise you pigs.

The west, emptied morally after so long, is now afraid it won’t be able to fart around tattooing its bollox from now on. They do not want change; they really want the good old days back again. Back to a more primitive stage of the current Ponzi scheme. Notice as an aside that humanity never, never ever, never, never develops Ponzischemitis. Think of all those delicate flowers with milk, cat, pollen, manmadefibre, soap allergies and gluten allergies, sunlight allergies and work allergies and yet are Ponzischemitis immune. ReFuckingMarquable!!!!!

The Ponzishemitis immune want to go back to when a dollar was a dollar and gold and silver were tradable and exchangeable. Even today they still try and get that golden age of silver back as Morgan and Keiser discussed recently.

Let me just jump in with my stahltoecappers here and introduce a little of what will appear at the other shop in part two of this golden shower.

If you think of a particular non usury branch of the heathenite so called religion, then you will know that the heathenite Ponzischeme still continued through that rabid belief system because it never stopped slavery and the pursuit of gold and silver. Gold and silver trade is a fundamental basis of the religioKriminal Ponzi enterprise.

Got that?

So when I cast my peepers over the wailing and gnashing of teeth that is going on because, all of a sudden, the banksters have been brought to the foremost part of the dullard Herd Attention Space; I immediately wonder why and why now? For it is no accident. Anything parked in front of you by the GGT/MSM on the idiot window is there for a purpose to trigger us Pavlovian style or distract from the main play.

All this sudden traffic in gold and silver price trends. The learned discussions on gold/silver price ratios and the industrial, non industrial merits of silver in the financial GGT/MSM and finally the whole kit an caboodle getting parked out here in the nonMSM by the religioKriminal agents begs the question; what is going on? For as sure as night follows day it has nothing to do with the geezers trying to kick over the money changers stalls in the temples. As I’ve said before only one guy has done that and truly meant it.

All the MSM coverage of the unzipping of the world economy, the plunder of the west and the denuding of our treasury by crooked banksters and yet not one in gaol, not one in the clink. Not one offed under Blackfriars Bridge.

All is compliant that is why.

So let us look at the compliance. USofA corp. has been looted and yet all attention is on the Habsburg agent Ron Paul. The USofA corp. debt has zoomed to immense proportions under the guidance of Helicopter Ben. USofA corp. has started to imitate the Venetians with Star Chambers and state sponsored assassinations. USofA corp. has abandoned capitalism. There is the temporal crux for USofA corp. it has gone corporatist collectivist.

What was capitalism? If we are to believe that foundation muppet Marx “The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.” Or as the other foundation murderer Lenin knew, the USSR would only exist as long as the capitalist USofA corp. would pay for its existence; then you need to examine what the banksters were really doing to USofA capitalists during the 20th century. The clue is in the dichotomy between the evident legacy power of the USofA corp. and the fact it has no tradables other than land and Ben’s funny toady money today.

During t 20th Century the banksters were culling those in the USofA herd that did things, built things or constructed things and honoured contracts. Leaders/kulaks. Now they have gone and the terror can start and the collectivisation made de jure. If you know how the Bolshevik Army got its original manpower then you will complete the loop from recent USofA corp. Army recruitment practices, the mercs and contractors in Iraq and AfnamPakistan and Ron Paul and assorted Habsburgist congressmen/women and senators from the old Habsburg lands of Tejas, Nuevo Mejico and California. Got it yet?

So it is now time to look at the real religion that we will be forced to worship eventually and what we can deduce about when we will have to start fighting on the streets.

BTW As always those occupiers/settlers arrested by the ZOMO will get sheep dipped and turn up in our political parties and parliaments in two decades time, if not sooner, as Jungen iGREENist ComInternistas bent on killing us all.(Got the intern bit yet for employment prospects? In yer face)

UKplc don’t be snikkering now. I’ll be answering the question “Just what use is the shithouse called UKplc now?” soon enough.

Cont. at The very, very Old today.