Tuesday 4 October 2011

The Path

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Mind barph warning.

Imagine yourself going about your legal business, say a lemonade stand on a sunny Sunday, and some clown heaves into view and overturns your table. Not only that but the bully sets fire to the hotdog stand next to you. As you are hard at it trying to dodge the flames and secure your days takings might not you and the hotdog stand owner plot revenge?


Let us look at a few overturned lemonade stands here, here and here.

Let us look at a few burning hotdog vendors’ vans here, here and here.

Oh and I might add that there is a Kashmiri chicken and Peshawari naan purveyor who’s getting roughed up at the moment.

I’ve already highlighted one lemonade stand owner who, operating as ChiComm Special Forces overseas may have kicked off part of the revenge strategy. David X. Li. Those of you who have read about the 13 families won’t be surprised about Mr. Li’s family name, will you?

The ChiComm drive for Malacca that is behind the current SSBN strategy in the South China Sea will, and the concomitant counter move by India back into their old stomping grounds in Cochin China, as already discussed,will bring a disparate collection of carefully nurtured ChiComm resources into play as the countries around the SCS get destabilized by ChiComm financed Islamic terrorists cells, e.g. MILF, and Maoist muppets who’ve been underground for the best part of 50 years now.

However all this chaos has been signed off at the highest bankster level since the only way these religioKriminal clowns know how to do anything is to consult their old play book from the days of pre-Hammurabi and create funny money and destructive scripted war? Don’t forget that the ChiComms have been given a free Nazi style pass when it comes to finance and banking.

The coming hyper littoral war doesn’t get to the root of the revenge bit though. No matter what reclaimed glory your bankster masters have in store for you. If you’d had sand kicked in your face by the global bully you wouldn’t get all Charles Atlas’d up and then send him your stool in the post, you’d kick the geezer’s door in and boot the shit out of him.

I also think that if your idea of revenge, I stress the your bit, not the strategically planned plug pulling that David orchestrated for the religioKriminal funny money men, if your idea actually parallels the money masters grand plan then you’ll get the business case signed off and a patent or warrant granted. That means your plan must fulfil certain critical business parameters.

Death, psychological destruction, chaos and reinforced hopelessness in the target.

Are you getting it yet?

This brings me nicely to the abdication by USofA corp. of the Monroe doctrine.

Hotdog stands, perfumed rice, AlCiaDuh and the Path.

I like the Path, they aren’t full of Abrahamic shit like the Muslim Brotherhood or any other CIA/Nazi sponsored bunch of retards. My ChiComm buddies like them because they are Maoist muppets with complete Null Instruction Sets.

Let us review how the game works then.

When you have all the money in the world, like the banksters, you can create as much fiat currency and get it accepted anywhere, and you have reliable operatives spread throughout the world, you can finance as many regimes as you want and form as many terrorist groups as you want. You can order up death, misery, chaos and destruction where ever your lines of credit and chests of money can reach.

“Examples INCOMING!!!!!!!?” I hear you despair.


USofA corp. civil war. Opium wars, Sino-Japanese war, Russo-Japanese war, Russian revolution, Muslim Brotherhood, Nazis, Communists, WW2, Vietnam, Al Qaeda. There; that should suffice. Happy now?

The question needs to be asked; can the ChiComms get the money in, are there enough Maoist boots or equivalent on the ground, is the State weak and without external sponsor, or is that sponsor weak?

Would kicking off a great big stouchie compliment or farther the bankster aims of chaos and death order? Well it would certainly bring the USofA corp. into that hopeless feeling situation, so fulfilling the psyops dimension to the whole plan, whilst the one world government crowd set about the business of killing off the Hindus and their ancient belief systems.

There are off course synergies to be had. The whole place is an unstable weapons dump waiting to go off and if I were a ChiComm planner I’d be rubbing my hands with glee on the trigger switch. The one world NWO Nazi Zionist crowd would love it because their hideaways in Patagonia would be safely insulated by distance from the piles of dead persons and refugees. The up side to it all of course for the banksters is that USofA corp. would finally be ready for trashing and the dumpster of history.

So let us look at the main target of this cunning and deviant plan.

USofA corp., once a great shining citadel on a hill. Now a retarded, psycho, festering, zombie stalking the world with murder on its mind. How did it get to this state and what is next in its fate?

Well I reckon the main failing of USofA corp. is us, the ordinary human being. The Babylonian crowd knows just how to steal everything from us by consulting that never changing play book of theirs. USofA corp. got fat, just like the Royalty of old fell for the play, so the citizens of USofA corp. sold themselves out. Do you realty think that concern for human rights and equality is anything other than a temporary state of affairs whilst the free peoples of the world are enslaved. You’ve been running for 250 years now and the game is over. UKplc caved in decades earlier. Anyone who fought the deadly embrace got trashed like Imperial China, Imperial Germany and Imperial Russia. It is what happens in this system of the corporate person as psychopathic collective.

Many other countries have been in this position, they are not weak but they are made to feel enfeebled. The USofA corp. is now about to enter that state so familiar to UKplc. Imagine back to 1940 or so, USofA corp. could go and borrow as much money as it wanted to further the banksters’ one world agenda. No questions asked. So what would happen if we look forward to 2013 and USofA corp. wants to tool up and save the fleeing Christians streaming over the borders of Panama, Ecuador and Chile and as massive shooting match kicks off between various factions of heathen? Drugs lords, FARC, Shining Path, Hezbollah etc. Imagine the feeling of impotence within the nation as it cannot borrow to finance an intervention. The money masters whack up interest rates to 10 or 15%. What is the interest payment on 15 trillions of debt each year at 15%? I make that 2.25 trillions smooth. At that rate you are going to have all the carriers, SSNs, MAGs and Airwings on the scrap heap. Have you seen any photos of Russia recently?

Join the UKplc in decline USofA corp., you’ve been bitch slapped and Tango’d. didn't expect that did you?

However the main asset for the psyops, this national mind fuck, must actually be in place within you USofA corp. That is a key point in the engineering of your hopeless condition. Just like the clowns that took UKplc apart in the 1930s the enemy must be within.

What do you have now USofA corp? A nameless, stateless, NWO gangster’s moll, bitchboy as POTUS and a moron stealing your wealth at the Fed. You’ve got a load of Maoist heathen in the Whitehouse and a disciple of Ba’al Hammon burning your money. So you can be quite sure that when the emergency arrives, this troupe of fools will shrug their shoulders and deny that there is anything that can be done. And you, dear USofA corp. citizens, will be left to drown in your despair. It isn’t the pickle you’ve landed in, it is the role play politicos who enforce your misery and designer paralysis.

This is their magik at work. We are ordinary people who want to get on and better the world. The clowns in charge, that we get engineered into voting for, are Alinskyists, Maoists, globalists and heathen who do not want us to have any power to influence anything, ever. The last thing they want is you and me, safe, secure and able to think things through. The bought, bent hirelings are there to make sure everything is delivered to make us anxious and to project a meme of helplessness in every and any front.

They agitate their global caucuses through envy, greed and mendacity. How can you expect them to do anything other than their master’s bidding?

Remember that in order for this con game to work properly the banksters need us to need their operatives, on our side of the confliction, professing impotence. They want us to need the people we entrust with our power so that they can make us powerless. I think that I can say without contradiction that the whole business/political class is populated with double agents. This is nothing new however, the powerful have always had their power removed by subterfuge through the debt based money system. That is what it is for after all. And once everyone with power has been removed from history the money as debt system will disappear as if by magic.

Our problem once we realise that fact is to short circuit the system and head for the moneyless society that the religioKriminals want to occupy alone. Now that is the hard part, for it is a real catch 22 situation loaded with danger.

There is a path and it is very difficult to follow. On that path we cannot expect to watch any Dr Who reruns, collect memorabilia or generally fuck about. We will die, not protest, perish on the path.

The fight is not yet here though, it is else where, where we really exist. The conflict is in our minds and as you know we will be delving into the high strangeness that we are not to know about at the other shop. The war is spiritual, no muscles required.

Isn’t life funny?