Saturday 22 October 2011

The Bomb Line Part 10. Crisped. Not Smoked. Nor Gassed.

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“The result will be the broader realization, widely recognized in the secondary literature, that gas tight bomb shelters were a common feature on the wartime German civilian and concentration camp landscape.”

“A review of the actual types of structures will show a wide array of constructions, including adaptations of natural geologic formations, existing structures for secondary bomb shelter use, covered trenches for concentration camp internees, and a particular emphasis on above ground structures, all of which were designed to defend against both bombs and gas attacks. Provisions for gas-tight doors, including those that would lock from the outside, reinforced concrete roofs, including those with brick ventilation shafts, and gas-filtering ventilation systems will be shown to have been quite common, according to both the documentary evidence and the oral testimony of the men, women, and children who took part in the large civil defense network.”

From Part Two if you can stomach it…

“Contrasting the situation among the civilian population with that in the concentration camps, we find ample reason to expect analogous levels of bomb and gas protection. The camps were important to the war effort. Himmler expressed concerns about prisoners escaping from the system during air raids, including Auschwitz Birkenau, at precisely the time when Auschwitz Birkenau began to make numerous requests for gas tight doors and other gas tight fixtures such as were common for civil defense in other parts of Germany.”

So why did this clown flee glorious UKplc pronto?

For the concrete bunkers and concrete blondes of USofA corp. of golf course, the psychosolvent.

Being stuck under a useless and un needed sheet of turf and corrugated iron in back garden “Blitz” Londonistan must have really phekked him off when he heard how well sorted his mates, left behind by the poor refugees, were in the Fatherland.

It is all coming out now.

Go read the German and Rus.