Saturday 15 October 2011

A little light reading.

I have often wondered if anyone has really considered what would happen should a new round of sanctions be enforced within the world economy. Just like the world was carved up into three parts after 1930. Or the world was carved up into two parts after 1950. Only this time the poor slobs, the dead guys, will be us.

Do you know who actually owns the stuff we use everyday to exist? Like land, water and air. This lot apparently handle all the credit card transactions of the west. Now just to get your focus on this, the two monkee boys Geithner and Soetoro were parked down there for a period of their childhood whilst mummy and daddy were doing what? Setting up what? For whom?

We, the great unwashed, the vulgar, would not suspect anything of this kind of coincidence would we? Soetoro’s mummy was knee deep in foundation micro finance initiatives out there all quietly put in place to kill off the farmers from the shores of the Sulu Sea to beaches of Mumbai. All quietly doing the Roth’s bidding under Rock cover. Again the innocent amongst us would not conceive of mischief planned over such a long period of time. No one really thinks bankster like unless psychopathic messianic.

Dumb Kulak!

I’ve mentioned CEDE before, check the other shop, and was wandering though the original article again which tipped me off. Here’s one of the latest comments from the source.

8 Aug 2011 @ 14:00 by William @ : 1st hand
This information was painstakingly researched, compiled & written by my former boss/associate. It was written back in 1995 so the dollar figures have exploded since that time and are in excess of $200 trillion today.

Do we own anything? Do we own ourselves?

If the answer is nothing then when the sanctions start we starve.

You don’t believe me do you?

It will come under legislative cover. Law makers, the usual pawns, will enact and then act upon the law. What seems innocuous to us will, in the hands of a psychopath, be used to exterminate. How long has the west been getting the stuffing knocked out of it society now? 50 years?

That should be about right for the iGREEN SonderKommando to start their work.

On January 20, 1918, a decree «proclaims the separation of Church and State, confiscation of the goods of the Church and the suppression of its legal rights».8 In fact the persecutions, which had begun in October, continued afterwards more or less virulently whenever the Bolsheviks had the opportunity.

For the modern reader I will translate that last quotation and place it in it’s modern context.

“On December 25th, 2018, an EUSSR decree {{proclaims the separation of subjects and State, confiscation of the goods of the subjects, which had begun in September, continued afterwards more or less virulently whenever the iGREEN had the opportunity. Their modus were iGREEN business models”

For those of you living in UKplc that should ring a bell when you consider which bunch of Bilderbergian bitcharsebanditboys are providing our heating and light. Got it?

The iGREEN People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs and Smartmeters will start to kick the doors of our bank accounts in at 3am to check we haven’t been lighting our farts.

There is no one to stop them.

All our leaders are gone.