Saturday 22 October 2011

The Easyjet borough…

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…in the Pirate Base RCE/LC intellectual capital capital of the Das Kapital piss taking thieves from Babylon and their inbred hive of mutantes.

(Oh yes it is, but it has nothing to do with British persons’ offspring just exclusivist, supremacists, racist school weans)

Notice how the only reason daddy got offed, ceremonial style, by variable yield warheads is because he stiffed the Kapo di Kapo and a new Al Capone stylee stylists of hair, shades and stupid faces are required. You know the Kapos. Headed up the gangsters in USofA corp. They ran the labour camps for the Nazis. They forced Russians into the Soviet death camps. They run UKplc for their boss Rothschild. Don’t you know them?

This is in the Easyjet borough where the council could not prepare for the influx of school weans from the breeding pairs imported over the past 15 years and pensioners freeze to death each Winter.

Yet the North London café owners knew a tidal wave of brats and ankle biters were turning up. Check out the photos of Easyjet borough public parks a decade a go and the heaving masses there now in the halal and kosher only cafés. The undertakers do good business in the Springtime.

Check this out, not a penny paid in taxes and so the reason for the dire state of all the overcrowded primary schools, outwith the fake charity system, should be clear. The piles of dead bodies, outwith the fake charity system, stinks.

Phoenician splendour in the midst of poverty.

Do you wonder why so many of your children go up the chimney every day in a great Ba’al Hammon sacrifice known as the NHS?

Britain, the servile economy where all the Porsches, Bentleys, Ferraris, Maseratis and assorted hyper cars are driven by self important, imported criminals operating out of the pirate base RCE/LC.

If you’d like to challenge that statement then clock how unrepresented Britons are in the driving seats of these cars in the Easyjet borough. What do you think the pirate base has been doing in the world’s biggest suicidal Ponzi scheme ever!!! Leading and directing the scum scam innit Cam? What do you think the Easyjet borough is? Their dormer plantation, soon to be rolled out nationwide.

Britons know your place, cannon fodder to protect their UK palaces.