Friday 21 October 2011

9/11 was not an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. Part 11

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This kind of follows from here.

Maximum bollox alert. Do not read here if you want to be informed. This is pure weapons grade speculation and havering.

I parked this out at the other place yesterday and it kind of sparked things off, over here, which I’ve been mulling over since the attack in July. So in we go before we get vaped again.

You know what is what.

Earlier this year my mate, Tim the tube driver, and I finally resolved to get me onto a podium. We had considered it several years previously but had pulled the plan for two reasons. Firstly your correspondent realized there was much more research, even at third hand, to be done. Secondly when perusing the likely venues we quickly realized that we would be entering a foundation and publishers' bitchboy rip-off trap. Remember this is UKplc where everyone is either an informer, dumb or bought and dumb.

So I shied off.

This year however was different since your correspondent had synthesized the tale and found the exceptions to report. Then the old girl got torpedoed and the gig was off.

With no soapbox to stand on let us wander into some of my delusions then.

When one casts a steady gaze over the collection of Tom foolery that is the prepared cover story for the 9/11 staged terror play, just like a Greek tragedy, staged in a city. (More on that thought later at the other shop) It is the omissions that interest me not the rainbowed coalition of assertions.

One of the omissions concerns the aircraft involved in the crimes caper and murder by numbers Inc. I find this omission very interesting. Kind of like David Ray Griffin.

No one has noted that the 767/757 was designed, for pilot rating purposes, to be the same aircraft. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking rabbi Dov Zakheim and his fleet parked down Florida way. No. I could not give a flying fuck what hit the targets. I mean let us face it. If I was going to take down a major piece of architecture, like say Wembley stadium, I wouldn’t drive a Mini Cooper into the front gate, would I? Talking of which has anyone witnessed any massive building code and regulations change concerning steel framed sky scrapers since 9/11? Is this framed with Tungsten, I know, I know, all the tungsten has been parked in vaults as gold, or these framed in Titanium? Nah of course not. Omission noted.

I’m thinking that it makes the job of getting the aircraft off the runway easier if you are using the identical control laws. Did anyone actually witness the 4 aircraft taking off? Notice that the aircraft involved were not A300s, A320s, A330s, and A340s. Boeing, then HQ recently relocated, of Chicago. To use anything other than Boeing would have verily fucked with holy patent law. That is a no no.

What was 9/11 anyway? Well I’ve outlined the 8 or 9 separate, though contiguous, operations that went off that day. All but one operation continues to this day. If we get back to our mate Dov, dual citizen scion of the terrorist fire base and pirate city RCE/TA, one of the heists involved trillions missing from the Pentagon budget. The plan that the perps fomented is plain to see. Destruction of evidence gathered about the evil doing run out of the RCE/TA fleecing the good citizens, soon to be serfs as planned, of USofA corp. Enron, drug running, mega securities fraud, defence black programmed theft etc.

I will give myself the luxury of having a good swipe at some of the exopolitics and MUFON muppets here. I might even include Dolan in this swipe, though I do have time for the guy. If you expect me to believe that, bearing in mind the character and motivations of the perps, given the choice of either swamping yourself with cash, booze, pudenda transformed industrial strength transsexual hookers, islands in the sun, drugs, cum and gambling OR investing in a secret space programme!!! FFS do you think we are morons? The geezers who stole the wealth have no other tradition than pissing other’s wealth up the wall and lying around lying about how unjust we are to notice their thieving culture, murder and muppetry.

Well actually they do think we are morons, and I believe they are justified, the bitchboys. All you need to do is watch any UKplc advert about flogging heating and light. The fuckers always say they will save us money and we are supposed to cum in our pants that they are working for us. Fuck off!! They cannot by law save us money. The muppets know that energy prices are going through the roof and that the govt. has told them to cut our usage somehow. We’ll still be paying 200 to 300% more for our energy bills even if we insulate and fit all the low energy stuff we can afford. The scum are involved in rationing and killing. We will as planned be poorer, with less money to spend on protesting and research. They will kill the old and the poor who will freeze in our weather manipulated country as energy bills inflate by 1000% for the soon to be rigor mortised. Oh BTW if you’ve noticed how crap the GGT weather forecasts are recently? That is part of the cover. How can you give an accurate weather forecast if weather weapons are being deployed? You will give the game away. So just like civilian GPS the weather forecast has been dithered deliberately. Duh!!!

So back to some more omissions.

No one ever recalls the witness statements of the same kind of, how can one describe it, OOBlikelite experiences of first responders and the weird behavior of gases in metal bottles as detailed by the dustification enquirer. Everyone focuses on the DEW stuff. And they miss the in your face clue. Now whether this is a limited hang out or what I don’t care. We just need to look at the evidence, like the dustyfication author, so I’ll assume her stated neutral stance is bono fide and continue looking.

However before I stare too hard let us go back to the ideas expounded in Fer De Lance. I know that there is a load of Yak stuff and RCE/TA homage that needs to be waded through but the ideas presented are consistent with Russian advances in thought and spirit that will always be far ahead of the impoverished west because the west has gone heathen. Heathen philosophy of money. Heathen death by debt, the unfathomable depth of deabth. If you get Bearden, and if you then pursue the Russian philosophers, no I’m not talking Meetings with Remarkable Men, I’m talking hard natural philosophy, then you will end up in two places. 9/11 and Tim Rifat.

Tim Rifat, St John, is my kind of guy. Everyone is a bitchboy or a boybitch as far a Tim is concerned. No surprise he is an agent. Entertaining and as always they need to hang a certain amount of real stuff out here to catch the little fishes. However he is marketed at the American nation. And here we find the separation of USofA corp. from UKplc writ large.

USofA corp. was a literate society getting dumbed down to ignorance, hence the sophistication of the agents at work on the herd there this past 70 years. UKplc is an illiterate society, apart from a little period when the squareheads and Rus might actually have posed a threat, and always will be. Go on then why did Dickens travel over to USofA corp. so much? The only reason UKplc can read and write is because the Germans threatened to come over and kick the shit out of the parasites infesting our parliament, courts and commerce. USofA gets Tim; UKplc gets the two rent seeking vacuous muppets I posted up yesterday. UKplc the thickest dump on the planet where you get 4 years in gaol for fucking about and a knighthood for grand theft, murder by proxy and destroying the world.

So when Tim tells us that his Brighton flat is shielded from nuclear powered microwave emitting MI-High vans surrounding the block you got ter larph. Tim, if you were to be offed, the geezers would use a hyperdimensional construct to rip your mind away into oblivion (ref. Bearden). I bet you don’t know the metal that would protect you from that now. Do you? Having said all that I do ferret out all his stuff and listen to his Rense outings. This is one of his best. Go for it Tim.

So back to Judy then. It is a clear as the face on your face, the blue. Have you ever looked through her site?

Now you’ve been given a lot of clues as to where this is going, soooo……..what do you think the most important part of her presentation is?

This. The hurricane is the, to me, marker.

Before we go further in this we need to step back a little and have a further look at just what Bearden is describing in his works. One of the ideas that needs to be grasped about tapping the zero point energy malarkey is that the concept of entropy as described in the laws of thermodynamics goes out the window. More than once I have remarked that the guys setting off the original big sticks got more bang for their buck than theory suggested. I’m not talking a fraction of a percentage more, I’m talking 50% or so more. The variability of the yield was affected by planetary alignments, a la Kosyrev, so they worked out that energy was gating in due to the violence of the fusion reaction getting influenced by a dynamic torsion field.

The corollary is that it is possible to remove energy from a system subject to such violence.

Now I know that you are now thinking Bali and OKC, however no. Although the shear forces evidenced in the wreckage in both occasions suggest such a device I’ve already highlighted the more likely use of a ballotechnic on these occasions. For 9/11 a ballotechnic just will not cut the mustard.

Anyway back to the crime scene. We know that the whole thing was prepared for way in advance because of the presence of certain actors. The dual nationals filming the NYFD at work that day, the fleets of trucks and unionized labour all ready to hose down the streets and start hauling the remaining rubble to Fresh Kills, the recently staffed and all by themselves in their part of the newly being refurbed wing at the Pentagon, DoD fraud audit team.

Pentagon omission.

The book repository, don’t yer love the coincidences, known as the Pentagon is built like a brick shithouse. It is designed to take the massive static loads that the structure would be subject to when crammed chocka with books and documents. The floor loadings far exceed that of ordinary office space, like the twin towers, so the structures are really beefy. No one mentioned that as far as I can see. So if a B757, in ground effect, were to hit the book repository it would pancake on the exterior walls.

OK enough bollocking around. Despite all the wordy words and thoughty thoughts devoted by all the learned investigators and all the talented nonMSM researcher denizens of the ausphart something has been bugging me about the whole 9/11 thing and it centres on the failure of the original plan as conceived by the perps and only partially executed by their hirelings.

We all know about the dancing Israelis. Two questions. Did they know that what they saw was what they were originally to see in the business plan? Why didn’t they get whacked later? We all know that the FBI, CIA, Securities Exchange and other files relating to massive criminal enterprise by the Wall St/CIA nexus got vaped amongst other destruction of evidence activities on 9/11. We all know that the lying GGT and assorted FOX type pornographic propaganda outfits were knee deep in the coverage and cover story designed to produce maximum trauma to the poor victims held prisoner by the liars’ box.

And there it is; the thing that has been nagging me for over a decade now, the 7.

Why was it still standing?

Why did the GGT shit all over it by “mistake”?

Where did the other “757” go?

Why was everyone’s attention dragged to 1& 2 after the hit and 7 quietly disappeared into the mists of time?

Well you know me, this will require a brain and credulity stretching answer and I’m the lad for the job.

We’ll call it the Über St Valentine’s Day type WTC massacre.

When was the phrase “fell within its own footprint” introduced to the whole razzmatazz of 9/11 research. It was certainly widely current at the 2004 reopen the 9/11 investigation event in NYC. The use of that phrase is a kind of marker which denotes the user is either careless in their research or an agent.

WTC 1 & 2 did NOT fall into their footprints, controlled demolition style. WTC 7 DID fall into its own footprint, controlled demolition style.

I have no doubt the commissioners of 9/11 fully intended that 1 & 2 would fall into their own footprints but something happened. When one looks at the footage of the twin towers dropping the following characteristics are obvious. Freefall, unzipping of the exterior and massive collateral damage out with their footprints. When one examines the collapse of 7 we see a beautifully executed, text book, controlled demolition into its own footprint.

Whilst you muse on that let us look at what was supposed to happen after the PNAC clowns had got their New Zionist Century. It has gone tits up. There is no NZC. The New Pearl Harbour has not delivered. Let us compare and contrast what happened after12/7. 45 months after the first converted 12” shell sent a USofA corp. Judas goat battleship onto the sea bed in Hawaii the USofA corp. had its battleships, and ours, in Tokyo Bay receiving the surrender of every arm of the Japanese royal, civil and military complex. Contrast that to the surrender of Germany, it can be argued that there never was an equivalent surrender. Anyway here we are 10 years, or 121 months, or coming up on 4000 days since the towers dropped and the USofA corp. is broke, it’s military worn out and society turned into a Nazi work camp and no perps brought before us for a show trial. All the downside of a war with none of the upside of victory. Unlike the business plan signed off for the Pacific the business plan signed off for Zion got stalled in Bagdad. Oh it all kicked off swimmingly alrighty with the horse soldiers in Afghanistan calling in B52s and B1s to loose roads and other infrastructure used by the scary TalibanFan on their Hi-Lux pickups and Honda Cubs. However something from the original business plan was cancelled, the consolidation of RCE/TA from the Nile to the Euphrates. I suspect that the very day of 9/11 someone revealed a great big fly in their ointment.

A list of key events in the decade since reveals a nation obsessed with its internal gangsterism. Two terms of Bush followed by Soetoro, both “war leaders”. Both intent on turning the USofA citizen into an indentured serfland. Guys like Paulson and "Cash and Carry" stealing money in plain sight. Trillions and trillions of it. The whole thing smacks of blackmail at the very highest levels.


Imagine if you will a great venue where the most dangerous men in the world would give forth on what is what. Imagine that list of speakers? Mark Twain, William Cooper, Serge Monast, Ezra Pound, John Todd, Charles Dickens, Fritz Springmeier, Никола Тесла. They are not dead, we’ve protected them, and they’ve dodged the grim reaper, bullets, the vit K shots, the glowing sushi and poisoned sake. Some of us are dead though but the price is worth the debt incurred. However the gig is scheduled to go ahead. TPTB will use the simplest and highest form of magic known to them to ruin the day. So what would that be, death rays, voodoo, curses and spells? No. Creating money out of nothing. The shaven chimp known as mankind will do anything for a promissory note. So the guys in the big house will grease the palms of their in-house gangsters to turn up in the audience that night and cause mayhem and death.

So what is stopping you believing in real magic that Arthur C. would describe for us.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

I hope you read that carefully. Most think he is referring to anti gravity and star gates, which is correct. However a closer study reveals that there is implied a correlation between civilization and its propensity towards belief in money magic.

“Any sufficiently advanced civilization cannot distinguish real magic” The more civilized you are the more your need for magic under the current philosophy of money and the less equipped you are to distinguish the use of technology.


A lot of research was carried out by some big brains at RR,GE and P&W to get their gas turbines running at the correct stoichiometric ratios to ensure clean burning, inefficient products of combustion cause higher operating costs and , a real no no, break the stringent emissions legislation passed since the 1970s for commercial air travel. The jet fuel burns cleanly in the combustors and the maximum efficiency of the power plant is assured within the laws of thermodynamics.

This is not any where near a jet fuel stoichiometric fire operating at the optimal conditions of jet fuel energy release, so no steel is going to get anywhere near the point of plasticity. That’s why the clever lads had to stick the clever aluminium based thermite cutters on the main gravitational load bearers. However these load bearers didn’t just collapse into a great big pile inside the buildings footprint, they disappeared and the remains of the building were scattered all over the surrounding area.


1 and 2 did not collapse, their insides disappeared, the intact top few floors in both cases jack hammered down pushing the sides of the buildings out and into free air. Peeling away like a banana skin

All three buildings were rigged for takedown with 1 & 2 getting special treatment on the main weight bearers. Three buildings getting hit with an “aircraft”, three controlled demolitions blamed on jet fuel fires and Mussies.

But I think it all went horribly off script and terribly wrong.

Imagine that after the Jewish mafia, working for the Crown out of Chicago, had wiped out the Irish gangsters, Irish instinctively know what is behind the Crown, hidden in clear site another Mob gunned down Bernstein et al. Al would have gone bananas and the misdirected chaos ensuing would be analogous to what has actually happened since 9/11.

Let me try and explore why I have the uneasy feeling that behind the stuff we are not to know there lurks a really verboten truth.

I will ignore the molten metal question which others have covered thoroughly, cogently and extensively.

I want to look at, and at third hand that is all there is, the pyroclastic flows, the disappearance of the metals within flying paper and the extensive delay between 1&2 falling and 7 getting demolished by design.

Pyroclastic flows are usually exemplified by only two example types, volcanoes e.g. Vesuvius and undersea collapse of the continental shelf. Everyone knows about the town of Pompeii suddenly overwhelmed by blastingly hot ash and gases from the volcano and all the scorched bodies left in situ. The undersea flows are not so well documented, however the whole point is that a great particulate mass is suspended locally making the volume mush denser than the surrounding environment, the whole resultant suspended material then taking off at vast speed. The problem with the pyroclastic flows at ground zero is that there are no bodies lying, Pompeii like, in the street everything was cool. That has bugged me from day 1.

The complete disappearance of steel, the main load bearing structure of 1 and 2, such things as filing cabinets, office furniture framing, safes, presses etc, all the ephemera that has been commented upon endlessly as a mystery and yet the true mystery never commented on. How do you make the metal enclosing the paper, filing cabinets, disappear and leave the paper fluttering around in the air undamaged?

Finally the complete fuck up that is 7, the cover being provided by the GGT. Our heroic GGT reportrix who was filmed telling us that 7 had tumbled whilst it still stood proudly in the background got promoted afterwards. That means she was in compliance, still, with the original business plan. She was doing her job. Anyone who focuses on that singular fact is either stupid or agent. She was running cover for the whole story and her designer appearance at that moment was to take our eye off the ball. No one asks the question what happened to the original business plan that made them delay hours and hours before demolishing the building? No they were not rigging demolition charges; we can safely assume the charges were in place weeks before hand.

Business plan.

The original business plan was simple. 3 buildings and one group of persons to be whacked. The instrument was to be the sacrament of free travel. The fall guys; the Mussies.

All the exercises that Tarpley details were to keep everyone confused about what was fact and what was fiction. Several joint operations were to ride on the back of the main operation. Silverstein’s insurance scam, ceremonial snuff movie and ritualistic execution of marks.

Once the Mussies were fingered the NZC plan was to swing into operation. It didn’t.

Someone did verily mess with the business plan on 9/11 and the whole thing continued for a time under its own inertia but skidded to a halt in Bagdad.

What makes me think that?

Someone sabotaged the 1&2 demolitions using, most likely, a tuned scalar field generator enclosing a very special gate out nuke.

Why do I think this is so?

The only way, that I know of, to remove mass of a particular type, metal say, leaving other matter, paper, untouched is to apply scalar interferometer lattices. Ref. Bearden again. (Tim Rifat beware) The only way to leave the end products cool, in a resultant pyroclastic flow, is to gate out the energy, tap the zero point in reverse. The whole process being eased by a massive dynamic torsion field swirling off the East coast.

If you think that is incredulous well just consider it revenge for the insult to my intelligence that is the jet fuel melts steel farce.

Just to compound the bamboozletronics you are being subjected to, I did warn you, the slobs like Cheney and Netanyahu who were monitoring progress and developments shit themselves when the realization dawned on them that something was hijacking their hijack and they killed the dropping of 7, hence the “757 crash”, until they could clear 7 of the suspected device. For they had to conclude that even using thermite you were never going to get a mushroom cloud and pyroclastic flow over lower Manhattan; so there must have to be a technological intervention within the buildings as yet unknown to them.

So they pulled the pull as they scoured 7 for whatever “it” was in the ensuing hours. Did they find anything? Dunno. Was anything actually there? Dunno. However the business plan needed that embarrassing building dropped so it got pulled in a classic controlled demolition as per the business plan spec. and then vanished into history as everyone got compliant and wept all over 1 & 2 and argued about thermite, planes no planes, fuel fires, stolen gold, Afghanistan, Iraq, 7/7, Beslan, Pakistan, Al CIAduh, geezers in caves etc. etc. etc.

So who did it then?

I cannot from this remote distance name names; however I can identify their fingerprints. They needed to be controlling the weather for 48 hours before the heist. They needed to have mastered the scalar stuff, not tinkered, mastered and if you read Bearden and others on this tech. the two nationalities with the brain power to have mastered it all are the Germans and the Russians.

So that is the tech sorted but it doesn’t answer the commissioning bit. For that we need to ask in who’s interest is it to turn the USofA corp. into a vast labour camp, already well on the way there over ten years ago with their current corrupt penal system, which will very soon look like the USSR and Nazi Germany, especially USSR. Poor and in the gulag labour camp.

Who do we know that financed all of that?

That’s correct I can only conclude that they did it to themselves. The NZC can wait until the USofA corp. is broke, broken down and are all behind bars. Just like Germany and Russia a century ago. Yes that really is the truth behind the Project for a New American Century.

With that we swing over to the other shop to ask.

Did the Watchers have any real choice in their approach to their problem?