Tuesday 18 October 2011

It has broken.

Image source.

Make no mistake.

We have been abandoned.

The Darwinian lab is fully functioning.

The fools have made a mistake on the cusp of the infinite tangential. (Though they’ve got “coping strategies”) BWAHAHHAHAHHAAAA.

It may take a few hundred years to realise; the clowns have let us all in, thanks to the dead. We are not atomised fools to be toyed with in their fixed markets. Markets of which they are ignorant of the prime modus, asswipes.

From one of the greatest assembly of geezers with drums and guitars.

Get up; take the muppets down a little bit at a time, a patina of cuts to their lazy heathen throats.

God they hate that, looking them in the eye and saying no. They, the chosen hate us once we’ve worked it all out. They are dead mien.

Get ready for a massive injection of amnesia.

Keep your lists up to date and never forget to look them in the eye as you twist their heathen life away.