Monday 3 October 2011

I hope you read the following very carefully.

Image source.

The young of this country are being groomed to plead for their lives in front of an “odd numbered” commission.

If you have not noticed, the panels grooming you have been changed.

The panels changing you have been detuned and gone even.

The panels that groomed the obsolete old fools have gone odd.

Star Chamber, STASI, show court (Check the hats). Always the pork pies.

Back to Mother Russia. I have called attention to the funny money getting round to shafting them in the Crimea. So why would, check the war memorials, we aid these geezers after the war to end all war?

Our old farts had not been got rid of yet. We needed further reengineering. The European needed further culling.

Go and look at all the revolutionary clowns. They got free money direct from the banksters. Stalin clocked all the Swiss bank accounts of his Khazari killer clowns.

The, hopeless, opposition got spoon fed through an impoverished exchequer.

Recognise any impoverished exchequers recently? All of us are going to be here soon.

There is nothing we can do, we are going to throw die miserably, going down fighting.

Odd and even.

If not they win.