Friday 7 October 2011

Do you remember this?

On a whimsy today so don’t bother if you want anything serious.

AdamS parked an interesting morsel over his shop recently, so the following is nothing more than an intro to your retentive correspondent picking his nits and feeling a tad guilty at dropping the ball whilst roistering. So here we go.

If you cast your mind back to my previous outings in this vain vane you will know that I suspect that in the hidden orders issued during all gunfire and sniper the commander gets the secret handshaken instruction, to paraphrase.

“Ensure that whilst achieving your objectives any and all artefacts, literature, and evidence of any counter Old Testament civilisation is wiped from the map, holy men included. Body count unlimited. Proceed with extreme prejudice. Our couriers will detail the desired artefacts to be disappeared by them”

That and the damned dam builders ensure that all is once again put under the Maat. If you want a reason for the creation of the fire base at RCE/TA then you should understand that the fire mission there is not nearly half way through.

So just to kick things off have a swaatch at this brief intro to what will be heaving into view at this here swilling bucket over the next few days and in your GGT headlines over the next few decades as they remove the Hindus from life.

As an aside if you know about this book then you will know that the odds on Harappa getting nuked twice are shortened.

BTW cr & Hoff, nice bridge.