Thursday 6 October 2011

This is why we struggle without end.

Unceasingly and they are scared. I remarked at the other shop that they might not know what is going on, though we may believe otherwise. Let me point out that they are alone. Got that? Desolate and barren. They are being taken out by reality, hence their manufactured unreality. Stand away and watch the fall. The clowns are actually crying now.

The danger we face is an incendiary Library at Alexandria again.


Been over to GV’s shop and managed to catch on her “You might also like:” a glimpse of one of my favorites. Then it was gone.

Imagine, go on imagine, what we could do if the world was freed from the laxative easing clowns that kill all knowledge. The fools that seek no new knowledge.

If we can understand that the only currency in the electric universe is the individually invaluable human being then all else is base.

I’ve said it is Catch 22, and that we run the risk of doing their bidding, at the other shop today I suggested that we start the cull.

Do it with their own weapon, money as debt.

Drive them to oblivion. They will eat, there own, their.

If you understand that all this can be achieved without gold then you will know your own heart.

Not own, know.

You will be free of all concepts of trade.