Thursday 6 January 2011

FFS!!! And Callaghan was slated for managing our gentle decline!!

Channel 4 news today.

They cannot find the swine flu vaccines!

Well it is 30 years now since they wandered round the place and they are back again today.

Child molesters locked into the child minding, infant farming, child stealing systems. Government grooming of our most precious gifts.

Dead woman in Bristol and the cops use “tall ladders” says reporter.

Oh fuck me. As I said Capri, jaffas, shitheap.

Meanwhile they’ve installed gold bullion vending machines in the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi . Why not Liverpool, Salford or Dundee, Michael?

What do we get? Tax credits, fucking tax credits!!!! After 30 fucking years of liberalisation what do we get? An unemployed servile economy and massive, unprecedented individual debt which according to the counters at Harry’s shop is currently £37,303 each!!!! WTF!!! I wouldn’t mind if I‘d spent the last 30 years knee deep in cocaine, champagne and weapons grade hookers but all I did was respond to so called market signals like get educated, work hard and save!!!!

We’ve had the piss taken out of us and the fuckedwitz currently in Westminster are going to get a tanking soon.

Callaghan may have been doing his best as a sovereign PM. The current accretion of the hopeless are taking orders from the UN to manage us into servitude.

Oh I almost forgot. The managers of Spurs and Arsenal want us to volunteer, Cameron’s big society crap?, and help with the Olympics in 2012.

So right then let me see. I’ll spend my day in the rain freezing my damped nads off, guiding folks to the venues etc. whilst the world’s oligarchs, despots and slavers will whizz by in armoured limos at 70mph in special Politburo only road lanes at my expense, in comfort, knee deep in Af/Pak snow, steroid enhanced ladyboys, augmented pro-athletes and diplomatic immunity.

Meanwhile any of my friends and family visiting Shitheap Zentral who stray into the RollerBall/DeathRace2000 lanes will get fined £1000/tazered/booted up the disability access ramp at Holborn Copshop and marked for life in the great big death dealing spreadsheet that Xe manages for Rock/Roth.

Fuck off!!!