Wednesday 5 January 2011

When I was a lad the Show Trials were long gone…

…however the strange feeling of unreality engendered by the whole farce has stayed with me ever since even though I only heard of them on the GGT via a programme called The March of Time.

Watching the sepia and B&W footage of people pleading for their lives in the commie NOAHide courts. Knowing they were going to die. Me watching removed in time and space, knowing that no matter what they did or said they were long since marked for removal. The ones that really struck me as folly were they show trials of military officers at a time of glaring danger. Clear and present enemies at the gate. I’ve mentioned this process several times all designed by, I now know, religioKriminal banksters to destroy the fabric of a society in everyway

That was for some reason the most instructive piece of education I ever received. It instilled within me an instinctive hair standing on back of neck warning signal.

Back then I had no idea that banksters are default moded to RISC communism through the merchandising of death.

As you know I’ve been waiting for a Teutoburg tragedy to strike us, for a modern Publius Quintilius Varus to heave into view. Or Anabasis again. My candidates being Af/Pak or more recently a tragedy of maximal symbology relating to USN carrier groups in and around the first island chain.

We are being predictively programmed for the later I think. For 18 months or more all we’ve heard about are ChiComm carrier killer ballistics.

Well I did warn to keep an eye on the Big E. “One last thing. The Big E is, after vast expense, setting out no her last commissions. If we recognise the importance of the ceremonial name bestowed upon her you might wonder what ritual she is about to be involved in.

So let us set some background.

Right here, right now, whether we know it or not in the aggregate, TPTB’s favourite model for a pet humanity is ChiCommland. They’ve been at this enterprise for decades and decades. When the Trojan Panda turned up we didn’t know that Kissinger the panda squeezer had signed our society away. The funny money boys have poured all our pension money, stolen it, and wealth into the dump and the ChiComms can print their own money. A massive edifice of power and technology has been transplanted from us to the CHiComms and with only one common purpose as always.


Let us be clear here. TPTB don’t favour our way of life any more. We’ve served our purpose. We are back in the petri dish, who ever emerges gets to carry on the great work.

I’ve noted that this Roth muppet has been talking bollox again. Grooming the little ‘uns. Very recently Soros opened his paid up yap. Predictive programming.


Are you inspired to flee there like Maurice to the land of milk and honey….er I got that wrong. That was East Europeans fleeing to USofA corp in an earlier century. No ChiCommland, land of silk and slavery, organ theft, oligarchy, racism, mysogeny, a shit hole. Not the place you want to be if you need a wheel chair. Unless you are an oligarch in which case you’ll soon have a new pair of stolen transplanted legs sewn on. Nor if you want to protest, in which case you’ll get booted up the disability access ramps at the local cop shop and have the book and your wheel chair thrown at you before having your organs harvested in secret.

Hold on…. I see a great big merging of West and East. That last load of mumbojumbo will apply to USofA corp, UKplc and ChiCommland around 2050. Well UKplc a little earlier, say 2020.

Anyway until then lets have another look at the RICO arms development process. The big black scarey Chink has got a lot of press this past week or so. When the complimentary part of this current discussion is dumped at the other shop you will see that this is no surprise if you understand the ancient relationship between fiat money, war making and slavery. TPTB have as always handed over the tech and resources needed to the next load of trouble makers to shake down the existing order and move onto the planned following stage of global integration under one state of Reduced Instruction Set Criminality, RISC.

No matter what we do, how we protest, the depths of our prayers, the mark of another rumble is evident. That is why the so called “Chicago school” economic enema has been adminsitered to our society since 1980. Our wealth has been flushed over to the ChiComms and the planned impoverishment of USofA corp moves apace. Part of the process is chaos, stultification and stupification at home in the West.

The Ides are not good.

Although there may be great, well excercised kit in the US Forces deployed in the West Pacific, there is an insidious process at work which seems analogous to what the officer corps of the Red Army faced just before their door was kicked in by the NY banker’s boy and his Panzerwaffe.

You see whilst they were hard at work making sure they memorised all the shit that Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Lenin and assorted RISC psychos had written. Whilst they made sure they deployed their troops according to iRED commie bankster tennets, they turned out to be shit at winning a battle because they’d been selected for political correctness not real world capability.

I think you know my opinions on why that was. So let us return to something that made me salley forth with the above.

From the ROK Drop today. There has been a whole raft of senior officers torpedoed in the USN over the past year or so.

What the Hong Kong Phooey is going on? I smell commies. I smell gutting of experience. I smell politically correct bicameral minded fools heaving into command.

I smell trouble.

The tech, especially those loverly BMD defence ships, are up to the task. Especially since the ChiComms have their own troubles. However it still makes me nervous when I consider two or three flat tops stoogeing around on the ChiComm littoral with the current bitchboys and boybitches in the Whitehouse. Oh, and any of their prospective successors. Would you trust any of them to stay frosty in a fire fight? No, they’d be found sucking their comforts crying for mommy and/or shooting you in the back.

Oh yes there may be a great big iGAY feel to the fleet but whilst the missiles are flying what do you want from the people making command decisions? Politically correct speechifying like the General Commissars in the Red Army when the Panzers and Stukas dropped by? Do you want the iGAY, great big iRAINBOW politically correct culture to have every little word and jesture scrutenised before decisions are made, just like the great big iRED/iCHEKA commie cowards did back then. Do you want everyone sacked who’s thinking about dodging DF21s and not gently mollycoddling any ersatz buttwelders or krypto carpet munchers on the crew?

When ever you find yourself faced with a moral or logical dichotomy like this, when a massive dose of cognitive dissonance ruins your rational, you can be sure you’ve got Commies at work seeking to destroy the system that you know and love.

Now I know you want me to name my favourite candidate for the 21st century Publius Quintilius Varus.

There is only one religioKriminal clown that fits the bill.

Commie RISC lawyers never change.