Tuesday 11 January 2011

Question Time.

Are you a bitchboy or a boybitch? Have a second or two to decide. OK then what is it to be?

Neither! Good; you’ve broken with your Rotchschild Pavlovian programming. Not for you selling out your fellows for a fist full of fiat lucre and a plasma screen brain washing device.

However things are not as simple as all that.

As you know your correspondent has for some time now been entertaining the idea that we heroes in the West, you know the Capri, jaffa, shitheap place, are going to sell out, nay may already have done so, the beautiful island.

What does it say about the orange squashed Turdistan that is STASIland that such a thought can be entertained?

Well first things first. The current occupants, soon to be displaced or cleared, have no idea where they came from nor from where their ideas sprang.

Just as the Scots cannot quite handle the fact that all their historical saltired heroes are catholic. Just as the English cannot get their heads round the fact that there are no Angles or Saxons around, so the concept of democracy has confounded the UKplc electorate. We never got round to asking ourselves and answering the following. Who are we? Though to be fair to us we were never allowed the opportunity because we are constantly manipulated 24/7 by the Statan.

Secondly because of this uncertainty we have been wide open to attack and infiltration from long established religioKriminal networks. In our case the one operating out of Babylon. Just as the British cannot conceive of themselves as being anything other than the guys in the white hats so the realisation that we’ve deliberately tried to trash everything we came into contact with on behalf of CoL doesn’t register. And on behalf of CoL we are now trashing ourselves.


French, ruled England, we trashed them after centuries.
German, ruled England, we trashed them after a couple of centuries.
Russian, our buddies agains the French, we trashed them from mid 19th century or so.
USofA corp, constantly shooting their presidents, fomenting war, burning their Whitehouse and stealing their cash, trashed them after 235 years or so.
Chinese, trashed the dump from end to end, our PM’s family was part of that. Now the slavers are our bestest buddies. We’ll trash them again if and only if the Ponzi sheme stays centred in CoL.

Now the question UKplc needs to ask is simple; are we bitchboys and boybitches who will go along with the Rothschild Corporate Entity/Londonistan City? Do we look forward to St Pauls growing four Ziggurats like Hagia Sophia did last millenium. Or knowing the clusterfucked clowns that seek to dominate our attention space in the UKplc they will have a rigged competition, the end result of which will be the GREENing of the dome in astroturf!!!

So what is the deal UKplc? Backbone or no backbone?

We need to decide quickly because there are disturbing indications that the always victorious funny money machine has abondoned UKplc for a billet in Shanghai. That should scare us shitless because as we cast our gaze out over the past centuries the guys who were not home to Helicopter Ben’s fiat currency inflato all got trashed from one end to the other. Dead people everywhere, except CoL. An unbroken lineage of Rugby, OxBridge, CoL, Rugby. No death squads chasing the reactionaries around the quadrangle there. Oh no. Group think par excellence for export all over the world. However if the religioKriminals have gone east then the quadrangles of England will run red with blood first.

Then I stepped out to do some errands and chores and stuff………

…….and came back to sit down and stuff my face for din-dins time. Again C4 snooze was chuntering away in the background and what do I get first thing after the fire extinguisher business is some dozy propagandist reporting from USofA corp. reinforcing the message we’ve been getting since the latest phase of gun control and internet censoring cranked into gear with the shootings in Az. Message from our C4 chums? USofA corp is politically seething and rent down the middle. Gun possession by law abiding citizens is BAAADDDD.

Well I’ve got news for you newsboybitch, this all smells Menshevik and Imperial Russia circa 1905AD, designer chaos spurred on by our death dealing religioKriminalsbanksters and their bitchboy in the Whitehouse. I also find it interesting that the deed was carried out on Hapsburg lands. Oh yes, Serbia anyone?

Another thing C4 fool. Apart from USofA corp, I could be wrong but don’t quote me, everywhere else on the planet has guns in the possession of criminals or ZOMO, not free citizenry. What is wrong with law abiding citizenry bearing arms boybitch? Oh I know, you’ve been vetted as a true internationalist so that’s the line you kow tow. If you don’t you’ll get your career shot away.

After that mindbarph C4 News really hit the afterburners. It was Goebbles Gobshite Towers time. Oh yes some bint from Country File, another John Craven (the name says it all) Tavistokian mindbleaching for the masses, complained that she’d been discriminated against.

Oh wail, oh woe is me and there shall be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth.Let me rend my sackclothing and cast ashes upon the ground.

Let me put this into perspective. If you choose to run with the propaganda arm of Pirates Direct then don’t give me any crap when the pirate ship makes you walk the plank, you fucking plank. If you want to be taken seriously in any matter boybitch then you’ve got to stop taking the piss and drowning in Champagne in the Cotswolds at the BBC licence payer's expense. Choose to devote you life to something meaningful, then if you get dissed we’ll all storm round and deliver some of Dip Ing Herr Doktor Stahl Toekapp’s tincture of Justice. Otherwise we do not fucking care.

Well hammer home a radish and debagg me if we didn’t end up looking at what a dump Bristol is next. Our heroine was suddenly knee deep in heroin and she thought street walkers were like Mata Hari. This is a successful 50 year old business person. Well that tells you how little the average business person, successful or not, knows about anything other than spreadsheet terrorism.

I’ll bet they all think that “THEIR” money is real!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA, ignorant fucks.

Which landed me nicely with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall after 9pm and the EU fisheries policy which seems, in true double speak totalitarian communistbankster style, to be eradicating fish under the guise of protecting the stocks. Then we get a Professor of fisheries telling us that the fishermen who are knee deep in dead cod are imagining it all. He’s got graphs you see, you’ve got piles of dead fish.

Oh yes you know where this is going, don’t you? Stalin, Maurice Strong’s cousin Anna Louise Strong, Soviet agronomists and millions of dead people. These clowns never change. Scientists, all bought by the foundations.

Mrs INCOMING!!!!!!! could see that the idiot box was about to head out the window on a parabolic trajectory, so she enquired about what I thought about the whole prog. bearing in mind that I am and always have been a HF-W fan (his alcoholic ginger beer recipe has been road tested here many a time, hic!). I replied that the EU was intent on killing off anyone who knew how to feed us. Fishermen, farmers etc., when you cast your mind back to how many outbreaks of this, that and the other have caused massive culls of live stock over the past decade or so that is the only conclusion, collusion.

Public administration has been co-opted in the West today just like in the East a century ago by the bankster toadies.

Then I remembered what I was originally banging on about.

If we let the beautiful isle fall to ChiComm slavers then the answer is that UKplc is, as I have always maintained, an amphibian gazing enviously from the watermargin at the vertibrates out in the grasslands. That USofA corp. has de-developed into a simpler life form from the magnificent vertibrate it once was and has decided to join us in the slime and ooze.