Tuesday 25 January 2011

A quick run through the babelbolloxphish

The only thing we need to concern ourselves with, apparently, righteous peoples reclaiming their streets from corrupt North African dictators. Well I don't wish to piss on their parade and good luck to them, but I smell Roth putting in place iGREEN bitchboys and boybitches who will bow to RCE/TA and the new religion. What we are witnessing, and party to, is the consolidation of the Mediterranean under Phoenician power again. If you don’t connect PIIGS and North African turmoil you still won’t get it when you’ve been cleared from the land by imported NOAHide loving, big society drones working for HMG and its proxy agencies

Other really important items, see here , we are being instructed to pay attention to are.

“King says pay squeeze necessary.”Ever since I was a lad all I’ve heard is this refrain. King is really saying rationing for the peasants as always disguised in bolloxtalk.
“Bank of England Governor Mervyn King says the squeeze on UK take-home pay is necessary, and rising wages will be resisted.”What the banksters bitchboy is saying is that we have no intention of controlling inflation, or fractional bank theiving because our whole raison d’etre is to stiff you proles in public and you don’t even get it fucked d'witz.

“Shock contraction in UK economy.”Just wait until the civil service cuts really kick in, then you’ll see a real contraction alrighty.

“Stephanomics Lessons from latest growth figures Will pay catch up with prices?” Any GGT boybitch or bitchboy who won’t tell you that credit is debt, that there is no real money and that the preferred status for the proles is servitude is a courtesan and enemy of you and me.

“UK inflation rate rises to 3.7%” My big fat gypsy arse!!!!!

“Expenses peer Taylor found guilty” Woopeefuckindoo, what about getting a few criminal business persons up in front of the beak. Like the guys who stole all our money and wealth by deliberatley wrecking our lives using the gangster bankstering system.
“Former Tory peer Lord Taylor is found guilty of making £11,277 in false parliamentary expenses claims.”Guess who didn’t get full establishment cover then?

“Sky sacks ‘offensive’ pundit Gray” Rupert's massive propaganda organ for spunking on the proles did what?

“Sky sack football presenter Andy Gray after further allegations of sexist behaviour come to light.” What kind of behaviour? From a purveyor of rumour, innuendo, falsity, lies, doublespeak and down right looney toon unreality? Get real satellite muppets.

“Gray sacked over unguarded moment (UK only)Watch” Who really gives a fuck in the real world?

“Blast kills UK soldier in Helmand” The only real news of the day and it is hardly mentioned.

“Major cuts to BBC World Service” That means the propaganda centre has moved to RCE/TA.

Meanwhile GV has a little item about UKplc being left wide open to this little guy if he decided to invade. As I remarked yesterday and on other occassions, all that defence spending over the past 10 years and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to show for it except bankrupted and dead peoples.

They’ve torched the Nimrods pronto because they are a RICO crime scene. There is a load of bollox being talked about one of our boomers shadowing ChiComm arms shipments to Mugabe. The carriers will have no UK escorts and will probably hit the water as EUSSR Naval assets. The latest SSN is just as big a money squandering disaster area as the previous one, i.e RICO and make-work.

All that money spent, all those troopers dead. All that security put in place, all those citizens of USofA corp, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Russia, Poland and Subjects of UKplc all fucking dead.

Don’t tell me that we need to spend more on security because you and I know, we are beyond being suspicious, that it is the investment in security that facilitates the terrorist incidents. From 9/11, through 7/7 to 24/1 it is the security systems that allow the killing of the proles in massive numbers.

Go on then prove me wrong.