Thursday 20 January 2011

Gold Part 2

I was going to try and take you through my random walk of the other day, and bearing in mind that the Bard’s birthday is heaving into view and yours truly will be giving it some of the dram, puddin’ and wee beastie amongst others starting from Sunday and that means I will not be compissed mentis until Monday 31st at the earliest I really should make a start on it.

However Maximum Max heaved into view today and I listened to MT kicking in the burners.

What can one say?

Well close to home the Easyjet, shitheap theiving borough, of the Corporate Pirate Ship City in the world’s, recently demoted, 6th largest shit heap has decided to charge residents £100 quid to park their cars in the clip joints known as Controlled Parking Zones. Also the flag ship cultural centre at the Talley Ho is going tits up because the borough’s subsidy of squillions of squid a year is to stop. I checked with my chums at the weekend and asked them if they remembered me saying that this situation would occur all those years ago when we heard that the Old Bull Theatre, great place, was to be abandoned. Yes they remembered me predicting that the programme of events offered at the new shop would be so multiculti politically correct up it’s arse that noone would pay to see the gigs unless at vast public subsidy.


The place is a desert. A spiritless vacuum in the midst of a mini Pater Noster Sq like concrete lined wind tunnel giving off the correct faux Hollywood vibes with a Paddy Power glowing in all its verdant spendour night and day. These days if I want to see Mark Thomas I’ll travel out to Enfield or St Albans, anywhere, other than that souless rip off just round the corner.

Typical UKplc. The NHS is being destroyed again before we have time to get proof that the last round of destruction was a failure. Our libraries are going to be sold off to property developers through a so called consultitative process where a hope of saving the day will be held out only to be dashed against the rocks of theivery. Totteridge and Whetstone library anyone?

Get this clear UKplc everything that we paid for is to be stolen, that hasn’t already been stolen, including the Post Office. How come it handed Gordon a smooth half billion cool a year until he decided to cook the books to make it look like shit in preparation for flogging off to the New Rachmans? The hospitals are to be removed, renamed and offered to foreign clients and patients. Any native going near a UKplc hospital will be culled. That is why they intend putting nurses through a university qualification, brain washing them, just like doctors. Talking off which, the new GP driven businesses break Adam Smith’s economic tenets. Whenever you get LSE spokespersons telling us that the new NHS is a great idea you better get ready for rickets and scabies returning.

So am I going to get back to the GOLD yet? No.

UKplc have you considered that what CoL did to the Irish, Highlanders, Indians, North Americans, Chinese, Russians, Japanese, Ukranians, Koreans, Khmer, Karen, Germans and most recently the Iraqis, CoL might be going to do to us?

Oh that cannot happen say you? Well you weren’t listening to Maximum Max and his guest or MT. The oligarchs are clearing us out, subtley but surely, especially in RCE/LC. Why? Rock/Roth cannot stand us and the Roth ops are now running out through the RCE/TA.

As Celente says current events etc. So looking back at the Roth Entity’s hench men’s operations in the early twentieth century we find the plan to destroy Russia and Germany being executed. Once the operation was completed the entity’s troopers were transferred to the new theatre of operations RCE/TA. Anyone notice a correlation between dead Ukranians and dead Iraqies. All done legally. More to come. Current events etc. Or. By their works shall ye know them.

The question is will Roth use the sacred weapons out there? I think they will, the Kennybunkport warning just spoiled things. It didn’t stop the op. Persia/AfPak might get toasted.

USofA corp, if the gig has gone to Shanghai, is being set up along the lines of Russia a century ago. Why else have you got an alien as POTUS? Discredit POTUS as the Tsar was discredited and the French King was discredited as King James was discredited. In the background the religioKriminals were hard at work, just like today.

Every deal is a crime scene in this economic system. Every POS event a full stop in a murder trail. Never forget.

At last.


When the U235 handed over the U-235 (did you know that uranium penetrators, not many I admit, were issued as antitank ammo to the Wermacht?) along with the IR fuses and personnel, the U-235 was encased in gold. It must have looked akin to gazing into the Ark of the Covenant.

TBC. Aren’t I a pain in the arse?!!!