Tuesday 11 January 2011

Munitions and Minions

H/T Combat Fleets of the World RUSI thinks we are going to have to get the Home Guard out in rowing boats soon. Doesn’t it really piss you off UKplc to find that we are assigned the role of propagandists and conjurers in the coming NWO. That our children are to become peddlers of lying fancy, even though they will get to live their lives, the successful ones that is, with Ziggurat builders in the Cotswolds?

If the Abos here in UKplc start to burn the listed buildings where our overlords intend billeting themselves then this will kick off. H/T War News Update

If we don’t riot then the riches down there will be handed over to Brasilia’s control. The ground has been prepared. Rothschild’s Big Pink Propaganda Organ made it plain that there should be no desire on the part of anyone, look away nothing to see here, to get jiggy in the geology down there. We know different.

I know, I know, I know. You’d rather give credit where credit is due so you’ll be sticking the big pink one in your face rather than this little rag. Well tell me this, who’s been spot on about the carriers then?

I told you the RN would never get them. They are going to be home ported in Brest or Toulouse and the whole farce, long ago conceived, will become apparent when the costs are made clear by inference. Not because we’ll get a shufty at the books, they are to be kept secret, but when someone gets round to costing the mods which have somehow got to be coming from European funding, then we’ll see that the EU navy’s surface core was built in UKplc.

Oh and who else has been correct about RICO and the F35?

Gates did not cancel the F-35B STOVL for the USMC. Although the following could be a representation of what Gate’s replacement will do to the F-35B if not the whole F-35 program once he tires of the fraud.

As I said UKplc we are to become a dumb nation of spooks, spies and propagandists.

Tokyo Rose ring a bell? Lord Haw Haw? Bagdad Ali?

Now you’ve got it, do you feel insulted?